Search Engine Optimisation: Beginners Guide

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short is complicated stuff but this is a great place to start. Webmasters in particular are interested in this fine art. In short it is optimising your content on your site for indexing by search engines. That means that your site or blog is returned with search results for a given topic. You want that it is a good thing. How high up in the search you are is another. The quest is to be the number one result. That drives traffic and for businesses money. So it is important.

I don’t fully understand SEO, nor claim to. That is why I found this article called The Basics of Search Engine Optimisation to be excellent. I also thought that for most bloggers it had some good suggestions and ideas about how you can get a higher search rank. This basic guide is probably enough for most bloggers that use a service to host their blog. For new site and content creators it is a great place to start.

A great article and worth spending the time to read and do a few Wkikipedia searches on the terms that you don’t understand.


Voilence in Video on the Internet

A little while back I posted a story on violence on the Internet in the form of video. I talked about these videos in relation to if they should be regarded as entertainment. I am not going to restate the argument here, read my original post for that.

The original post that I made was motivated by an article on the same subject. There has been a follow up to the original article due to the response that it got. Indeed I got a large response to my post as well and remains as one of my top posts as far as readership. I think it remains in my top five.

This follow-up talks about many of the issues that I discussed and the motivation that people have for watching people getting hurt. There is also mention that they talk to the guy that blew up his hand with a dry ice bomb, but I don’t know if it is the same guy as the one that I saw blow his hand off.

Anyway have a look at the follow up on The Red Tape Chronicles worth the read especially in relation to the story I did.