Tile Icon Fix

While I was trying to sort out a connection issue today I accidentally started MSN messenger. For some reason that one act changed the icon for a file type when viewing a folder in “tiles” and “icons”. Unfortunately the effect was on .htm files. These files before this showed a lovely Firefox icon, as they should. After said dreaded event these icons showed the icon for Internet Explorer. I can’t stand IE and I felt ill. It immediately became my mission to fix it.

The file associations were not screwed up, double click the icon and Firefox opened the page. I also checked the settings for the Folder options and selected icon for file types, nope all good there. But the damn icon stayed the same. I started searching and everything I found related to the associations and the Folder options that I had already checked.

By this point in time I was willing to change the view to “details”, which displayed the correct icon (go figure). But then that would mean working a bit different and I did not want to do that. I have my download directory as “Tiles” or “Icons” because I can then quickly see what type a file is and what is in it. I have a lot of images for web pages and such and this is the quickest way of identifying them for me. Plus the problem just plain irked me.

Then I found this gem of advice and it highlights something about XP that I did not know and I found my fix.

If you go to the desktop, right click and go to properties and go to the following menu:

→ Appearance → Effects

Select the check box for “Use Large Icons” then click apply. Now go back and change it back by unselecting the check box and then apply again. After this my icons were restored. So what the heck did that do?

Well apparently this “clears the cache” from where and how has me stuffed. But it worked. So I am just passing that on, just don’t ask me how it works. It supposedly fixes issues with the wrong program opening and other stuff, I can’t verify that though. The icon thing… worked a treat, still has me buggered as to how. I guess it is another example of a screwy Windows thing with an unlikely resolution, what’s new?

Fixed Firefox Icon


Microsoft Take Over Firefox!

Did the title scare you?

Take a look at this page:

But look closely…

MS Firefox

Very funny, they have even ripped off the favicon for genuine Microsoft sites. There are a bunch of links and funny stuff. But basically they are ripping off Microsoft. Striking fear into geeks the world over.

Seriously though if this did ever happen (as remote as that is) it would destroy the faith that the users have in Firefox. I was talking to a friend of mine last night about this very issue. About the strong bonds that people forge with the products that they use. Brand associations and loyalty are what make or brake a product. That is why Firefox would be destroyed if it was ever touched by the “enemy”.

We also had an interesting chat about how these bonds to software influence how we interact with it. That we make assumptions about the usability of software based on who owns it, wrote it or influenced it’s development. Regardless of these feelings being based on fact or not. Indeed as a marketer you would capitalise on these brand associations. Or as a manager you would use products that your employees had a strong loyalty to upon which to base the applications that you either developed or used. Because that is what would give you the greatest productivity. Increase productivity you increase through put. That is; you make more money, ultimately you don’t care what they use as long as it gets the job done.

What we talked about was the feeling that you had when you thought for just one second “What if Microsoft really did do that”.