Blogcasting with Odeo

As you all know I have a comment button where you can leave an audio comment for me to hear later. Well I had some time today so I did a bit of poking around the Odeo site today and I found some cool stuff.

One of the things I found was that you can log into Odeo and record some audio. After you have recorded your audio and then go to your profile. You will see down the bottom listed are “Your Podcasts”. If you click on the recording that you made you will see the details of the recording that you made. Notice the RSS next to the “Audio in this Podcast”? This RSS feed is for the audio that you recorded. Each time that you record some audio the RSS feed is updated and people are notified of the addition in their reader. If they have a reader that is capable of downloading enclosures they can download the audio you recorded & listen to it!

My RSS feed for Odeo is: (put that in your RSS reader).

The implication of this is that if you hate typing but want to blog, or if you want an easy quick way to communicate; then why not Blogcast? I think that this opens up opportunities for disabled people as well. I recorded some stuff and listened to it and I must say that the audio quality is excellent.

The other great advantage to it is that there are no downloads necessary, no knowledge of enclosures and how they work is necessary, no knowledge of podcasting is necessary. If you have a microphone and can talk you can blogcast. Essentially Podcasting is what you are doing! I think this is an application of Web2.0 at it’s best.

The Odeo site has put together some great fun tools to play around with. You can subscribe to Podcasts. Listen to podcasts. Make recordings. And start a blogcast.

By the way you can subscribe to my Blogcast if you like but I am a man of the written word and it won’t be long until the Podcast is up and running.


Welcome to the Migrated Blog

For those following me around the Web you will know that I had a blog on The Gray Matter. Well I have flown the coop (pardon the pun) and found a new home on, and you have found it.

I should explain why I have moved. James and I had a lengthy discussion, that was the first thing. What came out of that discussion were a couple of things. One was that I clearly had different ideas about the site, the blog and what I wanted to do. While I only made suggestions to James he did feel that I was placing a bit of pressure on him. That’s the last thing that I wanted to do. The other thing is that James is a very busy person. He has a growing family, a job (part time but takes full time effort), doing a university degree and as a side thing he manages a home network, web server, email server etc. He doesn’t need to feel any pressure from me. The move is entirely voluntary and James and I are still talking. In fact there was no argument at all. So coming here means that I can generate as much traffic as I like, I can play with HTML a bit, and do my thing.

James did offer to set me up with my own site hosted on a server, while this idea was a good one, it didn’t take him out of the picture. I would have had to rely on James for trouble shooting and code stuff-ups. So after a lot of digging around I have ended up here. There is enough control of the site to be able to do what I want to do and it makes it easy to do it, just right. Plus it uses open source software and I am supporting that community, which for me is a bonus (plus James would like it ;)).

I will continue to support The Gray Matter, James runs a top site and I will contribute from time to time. James has just updated the site with a new very fast server and it will continue to evolve. Hope that all goes well for you mate.

The other thing is that I am really excited about doing my own blog on my own site in my own way. I like WordPress and I am learning the features so visit often. Better still subscribe to the RSS Feed.

I hope that you enjoy the Rooster’s Rail.