Voilence in Video on the Internet

A little while back I posted a story on violence on the Internet in the form of video. I talked about these videos in relation to if they should be regarded as entertainment. I am not going to restate the argument here, read my original post for that.

The original post that I made was motivated by an article on the same subject. There has been a follow up to the original article due to the response that it got. Indeed I got a large response to my post as well and remains as one of my top posts as far as readership. I think it remains in my top five.

This follow-up talks about many of the issues that I discussed and the motivation that people have for watching people getting hurt. There is also mention that they talk to the guy that blew up his hand with a dry ice bomb, but I don’t know if it is the same guy as the one that I saw blow his hand off.

Anyway have a look at the follow up on The Red Tape Chronicles worth the read especially in relation to the story I did.