Is Bigger Better?

They say that size doesn’t matter. No, I do not know who “they” are. Still I think that this site might be the exception.

I found this by a link from a link, from a link. I was actually following a lead from a story for the podcast. Basically that is me saying that I can’t remember what the source was. You might be wondering what the screenshot is of…

Now my RSS button on the lower left of this blog would be considered “big” but it is no match for the world’s biggest RSS button (unconfirmed). If you find one bigger then let me know. Just for the novelty factor in this instance bigger might be better. Building a bigger one just won’t cut it. These things can usually only be done once.

From all appearances yes it is an RSS button with a feed attached.

The Worlds Biggest RSS Button


Pointing Out the Obvious…

Skype vs. Gizmo vs. Vonage

I laughed my head off at this. This really sums up the whole Recording Skype, pain in the butt senerio. Sometimes you are lucky if you get a garbeled mash-up. We are lucky at The Global Geek Podcast that we have a solution that works and gives reasonable results.

I will say and ask it again; why oh why do we not have a record button in Skype? I really hope that we will see it soon… maybe an update… please…

The wait is killing me. But if the wait means that the quality of the recording is tops; then that is fine by me.