Trillian 4 News

At last the Trillian boys are sick of playing Quake and have given us some news!

One feature that has long plagued Trillian users is the poor file transfer capabilities, if it even works at all. Well they are working hard on it:

Been working hard on ensuring file transfers work even better in the next release of Trillian.

Trillian File Transfer Blog Shot
I just want it to work and well at that! In addition to working on it they are incorporating a lot more technical data about the transfer in order to diagnose any problems that might occur. They also express their commitment to getting the file transfer working and 100% right.

Great to hear in my opinion and long over-due as this has been a long term bug. Although the dynamic nature of the networks that you are plugged into my be a reason for the variance in it’s reliability and therefore not the fault of Trillian. We have on occasion got the file transfer to work but only spasmodically at best.
A small bit of welcome news from the Cerulean Studios Blog. It is slow but I think it is getting there. I hope that I have reason to renew my subscription to TrillianPRO. So guys when can we expect to see it? This year?