Podcasters’ Emporium: Let the Revolution Begin


I have had the most amazing few weeks in relation to podcasting. Last night I recorded the first of many podcasts that I am going to be doing with James Williams of the LifeStyle PodNetwork. The show is called Podcasters’ Emporium. But that is the end and the beginning of a journey.

James and I have been talking for a while about many things but we usually end up talking about something to do with podcasting. There has been a gradual hatching of a plan that we probably did not see coming but now that we have come this far we are glad we did.

James was struggling with trying to find a vision and a path for his show. We had so many discussions about it, I kept coming up with ideas and suggestions. My motivations were a tad selfish in that I was really wanting a podcast out there for podcasters. A show full of tips, tricks, advice and interviews. So yeah I was pushing him in that direction. The reason being is that I believed that he could pull it off! The other reason was and is that there is a great need for a podcast like that in the podcasting space. Just go and take a look at the podcasts on podcasting in iTunes.

So we decided to relaunch Podcasters’ Emporium with a difference, a podcast for podcasters with a vision to build a quality community full of podcasters from all over the globe and strive to be a “go-to” resource for the community. But James wanted me to co-host, easy decision.

Much of what else I would want to say was said at the first recording of the show together which will be episode 10. The energy and the enthusiasm for this project is huge and it comes out in the podcast. We have some great stories and ideas. I am so excited about it. So take a listen and find out why it will be worth listening to.

If you are a podcaster, you need to listen to Podcasters’ Emporium. Not only that, we don’t want a passive audience, we are committed to building this community and making it a valuable resource and not for us; for you. There are details in the first show about how you can become involved and be a part of the community.

Also check out the show synopsis before the fist show is launched tomorrow.

The Revolution Starts Now. Your going to love it!


Huge Global Geek This Week!

The Global Geek Podcast LogoIf you are a regular reader of the rail you would have noticed that all goes quiet on on Rooster’s Rail from about Sunday through Tuesday. Give or take. Well the reason is that I am usually recording, editing, uploading and writing show notes for The Global Geek Podcast. No time for blogging.

The podcast is out early this week! So here I am on a Monday night blogging and it feels great. Although it might not happen every week! I have refined just how I do things a bit better now. I or I should say we now as Knightwise has decided to join The Global Geek Podcast as a regular co-host and partner in crime and infamy! That is huge and I am very, grateful for his belief in the podcast and that he wants to be a part of it. Anyway, it looks like we can meet on-line and get the show recorded in about one hour and 10 minutes. That means that I can edit the show the same night and finish it the next day. We are hoping to streamline the details behind the scenes even further to cut down on time.

I heard a podcast the other day that said for every minute that you record and broadcast means four minutes of time. That’s time researching the stories, recording, editing, uploading and writing show notes. So my podcast is about an hour. That works out to be four hours. That is about right if things went smoothly. Which they never do. In addition it does not take into account my OCD and my attention to detail if not perfection. So suffice to say it takes longer than that! (a lot longer…)

I think the show is great this week. The content is good and we announce a sponsor for the show. We feel privileged to have the support of a company and we hope to do them proud of their association with podcasting. This is important. Companies and businesses need to feel that they have confidence in podcasting and podcasters to deliver. Otherwise we won’t get the support that makes shows like ours possible; or networks like

We are very excited about this show and for that reason you should check it out. Make sure you listen in to be in the running to win stuff! It is a celebration of our 20th show!! In addition check out the links at the bottom of the show notes to download for free the music that was used in the podcast for that week. Have a listen to the previous shows as well, same applies; the details are at the end of the show notes for each show. Great song this week called “Alone” – it is the backing track at the end of the show. Check it out, great song.

I am not going to tell you everything about the show, I have to give you some reasons for listening! So go have a listen and a laugh with us.

Damn, I love podcasting!

Global Geek Podcast Stats

I was surprised to find that someone reached the Rooster’s Rail today by entering the following search term into Google:

“global geek podcast subscription stats”

I am assuming that the individual that used this term was perhaps considering the co-host spot, maybe… Perhaps they might be thinking that it is statistics that make a good podcast?

I would rather that the show was judged on the content and quality of it rather than by the statistics that it generates. That is after all what counts in my opinion. That said I am sure the whole dynamic of the show will change some what, with a new co-host. So if you think you can make a difference then judge not on what the figures might show you, rather your gut and what you hear. Then if you think you might be interested then talk to me, I won’t bite.

Oh, and let me save you the trouble of searching some more. The statistics for The Global Geek Podcast are not public. They never were and never will be. Statistic information is for members of The Podcast Network only and reside on secure servers. This is the case for all podcasts on The Podcast Network.

Rally the Podcast Community

One of the reasons that I love podcasting so much is the fact that behind all the productions is a community of great people. This is a group of people united by a common purpose and usually are only too happy to help fellow podcasters.

Despite the range of topics that we cover as podcasters, our styles and personalities or whatever we are all working towards the same thing. That is to have our say, be a voice, further the industry and get the word out to those that don’t know about the great medium called podcasting. Podcasters are in it for podcasting. Plus it is a hoot.

The Internet is a funny beast. I have made an observation. Some bit of news happens, sure those at the front line see it first and blog about it or notice it in searches. This is the first wave, this can still take a few days to happen. Then over about the next three to five days, depending on how big the story is; it reaches “critical mass” within the blogosphere. What’s that I hear you ask. It is that point at which you start to see trackbacks, the information gets disseminated and talked about. Whatever it is becomes more “news worthy” (whatever that is!). This happens on a smaller scale as well.

So I posted my plea for a new co-host on the 5th of September. At first I got nothing, no links no replies to the story. I publicised it a bit more on forums and kind people have linked to the story at my request. Now yesterday and today I am starting to see the effect of that. Incidentally, four days have passed. So the take home message there is; don’t loose heart if you are breaking a big story or have written an exceptional post or advertising something you want to sell, wait for critical mass.

So today I have recieved a response from a forum, the comments in The Global Geek Podcast Blog. In addition I got a pleasant surprise this morning when I checked the blogs and I noticed that there were two trackbacks to my post for a co-host.

So thank you to PodcastNYC.net for carrying the story. This is a pure example of a fellow podcaster seeing a comrade in need and helping out. Here it does not matter that we are from different networks or production style or whatever else might separate us. It is this sense of community that is evident, that which is important. This is the essence of community network that the Internet both facilitates and engineers as time goes on. It is one of the best aspects of what the Internet can do for you. I can see no other reason for the proliferation of engineered social networks on the net.

The other trackback I found this morning was from Podcasting Jobs Podcast. I have touched on the issues that Jon Watson raises before and indeed during this effort to find a new co-host:

“To date, nobody has put together a real concerted effort to provide a “podcasting classifieds” type thing. Some podcasting sites have job sections, but they’re generally pretty sparse.”

This is a niche that is yet to be filled. I will add that if it is filled, would it be done right? It will only work if it is supported by the community and the services that are offered are slick, inexpensive (or free). A social network for podcasters? We certainly need a space that offers:

  • Connections
  • Sources of information
  • How to’s
  • Potential Advertisers
  • Support
  • I need… [a new co-host]
  • Where to find podcasting resources like music

To name but a few examples that I can think of. However Jon goes on to say:

“The lack of podcasting job sites isn’t a reflection on the services, rather it’s a reflection of the space right now.”

I fully agree, until podcasting is more accessible to the masses and “trusted” by advertisers, the potential marketing value will be limited to a few.

So thanks guys for the vote of confidence and the support, keep it up and remember to let me know of anyone that might be interested in the “job” as long as they don’t mind they are doing it for nothing! Don’t worry I do it for free as well.

People are Lazy and In Limbo

Well it has been a few days since I posted my plea for a new co-host. Up until today when I posted an entry onto The Podcast Homepage I had had no replies. None at all. To tell the truth I am very surprised, I thought I would have had least a couple of responses of enquiry. But nope.

I remembered a while ago another podcaster (who shall remain nameless) said to me that;

“…people are lazy”

Maybe that is the reason that I have not had any enquiries? But to tell the truth I don’t want anyone that could not be bothered dropping me an email or an Odeo. It is not that hard and I don’t think that I am asking too much. But maybe I am asking too much, so to revise things: If you are interested in being the new co-host on The Global Geek Podcast then do something to get in touch with me, via any means you feel is appropriate.

One other consideration that Adam (another mate) told me not so long ago is that because I am involved in podcasting then I assume that a lot of people know about the medium, but they don’t. Podcasting is new media and is yet to make it mainstream. So maybe my request is falling on ears that don’t have a clue what I am talking about. Rather than me raving on about what podcasting is why not go and have a look at the Wiki for it.

Still I thought that I would be sifting through people wanting to be the next co-host. I thought I would have had more responses. I have plastered it all over the net, well in the places that I frequent. But nothing. The other thing is that there are no resources out there for podcasters to sources things like a co-host from! That makes it hard. So if anyone knows somewhere I could go to post a cry for a new co-host then let me know!

Essentially though people are lazy. As a podcaster I don’t get much feedback for the show. Although it is very easy to do so. Maybe the show doesn’t motivate people to comment. But I can tell you that it makes my day to get a comment or better still an Odeo comment that I can play on the show. Feedback is part of what makes it all worth it. So a message out there to listeners – let your podcaster know you like the show or what they can do better!

So I am still in limbo. I have had a few nibbles from different people. One bloke in particular is works in IT, I sent him off an email today in response to a comment that he left on the podcast blog. One funny thing is that he suggested that we get together for a coffee, he is in Victoria, Australia. For those that don’t know, that is the other end of the country to me! Some people don’t know this but my resigning co-host and myself have never meet in real life. We meet on-line, organised the podcast and started it, all without meeting in real life! So I wrote to this guy, at the other end of Oz and said sure, love to have a coffee… but it would have to be a virtual one over Skype! Strange concept but totally do’able in my opinion, and with video should be fun. There is no reason why it has to be in person when you have the video as well. I look forward to hearing back from him. Time will tell.

I am finding the uncertaintity a little difficult, I am not sure what I am going to do if I don’t find anyone over the next week. Although I do have Knightwise who has offered to do a show with me. My brother James has also offered to come and do a show on security, email and life as a system administrator. I also have one or two options up my sleeve, so that might cover it for a month. What after that, I am not sure.

In limo till then… Feel free to contact me to ask questions or chat about what the co-hosting involves.

Help! I Need a New Co-Host for The Global Geek Podcast!

My current co-host, Sebastian and I had a discussion this last week gone and after an agonising decision he has decided to leave the podcast. This was not because of any conflict or disagreement rather the fact that Sebastian did not think he had the time to dedicate to it because of his own circumstances and also what he wants to focus his efforts on.

So that leaves me here with two weeks to find a new host! You might be asking is that for me? Well the first thing you have to do is head on over to The Podcast Network and The Global Geek Podcast Homepage and have a listen to the show. If you like it or think that you could make it better or are interested in being a part of it, here is what I want you to do:

  1. Click the Odeo Button , it is the green button. It is not the usual type you would see, it is a custom one unique to The Podcast Network.
  2. Leave an audio message when prompted to do so, preferably with the mic that you would be potentially using for the show.
  3. Send me an email by clicking here. In this email I want you to tell me why you think you would make a good co-host. Or if that is too hard then just tell me a bit about yourself!

This may seem like a silly process but it will tell me a lot about you, your ability and some other stuff that I will let the successful person in on ;).

I need your help! So get to it! This is a great opportunity. Consider this in your decision:

  • You are in on an existing, growing show.
  • You become a part of The Podcast Network, of over 70 Podcasts and 250,000 regular listeners and growing.

I will also inform anyone thinking about this prospect, the show that is a regular weekly podcast that goes for about an hour. But; there are important regular collaborations during the week and especially about two days before when the main body of the podcast is worked out.

If you think you have what it takes then get in touch with me and we can talk. I would also invite anyone that has queries or questions to leave a comment with a valid email address (so I can reply) or contact me via the contact details in the right side bar on this page. I am only too happy to clarify anything here.

Podcasting is a blast; we will have great fun and the result is very satisfying that you have been a part of the growing “citizen media” network that is podcasting and the Internet.

UPDATE: Position filled. Thank you to everyone that expressed an interest.

Odeo Cripples Functionality

Odeo LogoOdeo seem to be updating and improving their services every other day of late. However, it is not every day that you see such a great service actually remove a feature and make it harder for users to utilise their service. They have indeed done so and perhaps in doing so shooting themselves in the foot.

One of the great features that is available to Odeo users is to have an "inbox". If you were to place a button on your website, be it blog or some other site you have enabled your readers to leave you audio comments by clicking the link. They get taken to a page that has a recording interface, which is simple and easy to use and the result is great audio. You as the user of Odeo get that recorded audio in your inbox once it is sent to you. You are notified of this by an email.

Another great feature is that you can subscribe to an RSS feed of your own inbox! So this is a great way to receive feedback on anything. Including podcasts. Seb and I saw it as a great way to get feedback for Global Geek Podcast, so we set up an account. The advantage of getting audio as feedback is that you could go to your inbox once you were notified and click the new Odeo comment that was left for you. You can listen to it. But the biggest feature was that you could click a "download as MP3" button and download the audio comment and insert it into a podcast! The result was excellent and we loved it.

The ability to download the MP3 has been removed from the play window! So what the hell is Odeo thinking in removing this key functionality. It means that it is impossible to download the audio from the page to your local machine. Rather it makes it a pain in the butt to do it.

I found that there is a work-around but it is messy: Open Audacity, set the source to "stereo mix" get ready to hit record… Open the Odeo message that you want to record. Flip back to Audacity and hit record, nip over to the Odeo page and click play. Go back and hit stop on the recording when it has finished. As I said messy. In addition the audio that you end up with is less than ideal and requires a bit of editing.

I am utterly dismayed as to why Odeo have removed this from their site. The only thing that I can think of is that they want users to listen to audio, only from them and not from another source. Perhaps they were not aware that the service was being utilized in this way and they have done it ignorantly, I just don't know. Sebastian has suggested that perhaps they are beginning to think about implementing a pay service and this has something to do with it. But since when has any site reduced their services as opposed to offering more. We are not the only podcast doing this. I can honestly say that if this situation remains as it is; the blogging and podcasting community could deliver some negative press, big time.

Global Geek Podcast has mentioned Odeo on every show that we have done. Not only that there is a link on the Global Geek Podcast website to Odeo, there is a link to Odeo on Rooster's Rail, Seb's Random Thoughts and we have plugged them for their service and functionality since utilizing their service. It is not like we have not given back to Odeo. This I feel is the thanks that we get.

Global Geek Podcast have sent off an email to Odeo in regards to this issue and we await a response, I will let you know what we get back from them when and if we do.

Update: Please check out the Follow-up Story