Failure at Spamming Class?

Spam comments continue to be an annoyance and yet I am amused at the same time. This spammer (or bot reject) must have failed at spamming class:

Hello All!I am sorry, i am not a spammer.

Followed by about 100 porn links. Please. The links gave it away.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival on TPN

Hey if you would love to go to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival but can not make it, then check it out on The Podcast Network!

This is a huge effort by Ewan Spence who does 30 podcasts in 30 days! This year he even secured an interview with the Goodies! You know the ones that used to be on telly when you got home from school, right before tea? Yeah those ones! Should be a great podcast to tune into for the next month so get on over to The Podcast Network’s, The Edinburgh Fringe Show!

This is going to be top podcast for the next 30 days so do it! Even if it is just for the Goodies! I love the show and a fond memory from childhood and I will never think of blood sausage the same way ever again.