Correction to Newspapers Not Having RSS

I was talking to Sebastian today about the story that I posted yesterday. He does not entirely agree with me. But that aside it appears that I was wrong about the newspaper websites being totally devoid of RSS feeds.

So to put things straight, I will always admit when I am wrong. Newspaper websites do indeed have RSS feeds. However, I will say this; they do not make them easy to find among a few other issues I have that are along the same lines of what I said in the previous post.

So they are not easy to find. In addition to that, only the major national newspapers are featured as having an RSS feed and then news stories based on region. This does not in my opinion make an RSS feed for a Newspaper. It is the equivalent to a Google News Australia, major stories RSS feed for example. In addition to that they are often only the headlines and snippets and not the full story and it does not include the whole paper. That given the feeds are only released on publication time, so not until the paper is released to the public. So the news you get is old.

As far as being hard to find, nowhere on these sites do they advertise the fact that they have RSS feeds anywhere? No. I also had to go through 3 pages to find the RSS feeds. That seems a little backward to me.

So I stand by my previous comment that no single newspaper in Australia offers a dedicated RSS feed for that paper, for the contents of that paper either payed for or not.