Lone Fruit Bat Moved In

Fruit BatI started to notice bat poo on the path. I thought they were visiting at night but yesterday I looked up and I spotted a lone fruit bat.

I do not know why it has moved in but it would seem that our date palm out the back is just perfect for a day roost. It stays all day sleeping and crapping on my path. While I would not normally mind crap of any description from native animals, but as anyone round here knows bat crap is second only to concrete. It also has the consistency of chewing gum. So I am constantly hosing the path before it sets. Starting to think it is more like super glue, seems to set really fast!

Stranger still it has not invited any buddies to our tree, for which I am very grateful. I would have to start getting nasty with the hose. No-one wants a bat rookery in their back yard I can tell you. It seems like a small juvenile bat and is not bothered by us gawking at it. I just wish it decided to roost about 30 centimeters along the branch so it is not over the path!

The kids are enjoying looking at it and watching it. Angus runs out all the time to “check if it is still there”. Anyway weird but our house is like that.

Here is a picture, I could not take one that was good enough. Please enjoy this one from Flickr. Credit for photo to Shek Graham, who also lives in Cairns, some great photos on Flickr please check it out.