Name Servers Changing, Last Chance!

Just a last minute warning that I am changing the name servers for The Global Geek Podcast. What does that mean?

I am redirecting traffic via the url to the new site as of tonight. So that when anyone punches in the http://www.globalgeekpodcast URL, they will be redirected to here: Simple really. It may take up to 48 hours to resolve though so be patient.
But remember that the feed URL has changed! Either get those details from my previous post or the new homepage.

This might seem like a bit of fuss and bother but DNS management and redirection is a great thing. For a start we do not have to remember a new URL and neither do you. Once I have changed the redirect then you will be taken to the new page. It does not matter where the podcast is hosted the URL will always point to it. Cool isn’t it?

But what it does mean is pesky reminders from me! So have a look at my previous post for any further details. Or there is a widget at the top of my blog that will point you in the right direction!


New Home for The Global Geek Podcast!

Notice NoticeThis is important! Everyone should be aware that the Global Geek Podcast has a new abode. We have moved over to The Podcast Network! This means a few changes for our regular listeners.

First up it is almost D-Day as far as the URL is concerned. We want to keep the URL for the show. That means that I do some DNS mojo and direct traffic to the new site. That in turn means that you will not be able to get to the old site using that URL. The other thing is that there will also be a change to the feed URL, yes that has changed! Here is a summary of changes:

New site on TPN:

[ the same URL will work as soon as I redirect the the traffic, the website was a redirected and masked web page meaning that as far as you were concerned you were looking at but in reality it was

Old RSS subscription:

New RSS Subscription:

If you have no interest in our podcast I urge you to support The Podcast Network and find something that you like and take a listen. There is a great show called The Best of TPN which is just as it says and features segments from different shows on the network, check it out.

You can still access the archived material held on Liberated Syndication at the old Website if you want to check out older shows, but remember that to subscribe use the new details, I am going to flip the Name servers soon!!

So please everyone, update your feed readers and podcasting software. The details for other types of subscriptions (iTunes etc) can be found on the new site.

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