Published the First Podcast

Well we have arrived. Today I published the first Global Geek Podcast!

The editing was a chore as it is the first time I have seriously used Audacity for a serious project. I am sure that I did everything the hard way and that there were quicker and better ways to do some of the things I was wanting to do. But that aside I think the result was a passable first attempt. I was pleased with the fading of the songs and the fact that I managed to clean up the audio somewhat in regards to me being too soft and Sebastian being quite loud. But the songs that were included were really loud! So I was pleased that after using the compressor a few times and normalizing it it is OK.

So head on over to Global Geek Podcast and at least have a listen on the site. Preferably, subscribe to the RSS and listen to the evolution of the podcast.


Recorded First Podcast!

Well we have recorded the first Global Geek Podcast.

It was fun and we had a blast. The only thing that kept going through my brain was I hope this is OK. Yes I was nervous and I am not sure how it came across. In fact we both had fun, and I guess that’s what podcasting is all about; for me anyway.

Technically, Hot Recorder behaved itself so that was good, we didn’t loose the whole show with that barfing. Sebastian had some trouble with his microphone initially. Mine was set and sounded good. But then Sebastian “hacked” Skype to allow him to control the audio settings so that his audio was loud enough. But the big mistake on my part was not then doing another test to make sure I was loud enough compared with me. I wasn’t. I was not inaudible though just a lot softer then I would have like to be. But I guess if that’s the biggest mistake we made then it did not go badly at all.

This show was basically an intro show, nothing too hard or challenging. We talked about what we have been doing and what we had done to prepare for the show. Played a bit of music which is cool. While we joked around a fair bit I hope that we can talk about some serious topics when we need to. But it was a blast and a good way to ease into the whole thing. Just don’t know if people will listen to the whole thing! I hope they do. I guess that’s what it is like for anyone that does anything public; an author hoping that their book will get read, a musician hoping that someone will buy the album.

Anyway be kind, the first show so don’t hammer it too badly! I am hoping to have the show up in the next 24 hours.

Podcast Blog is a Go

Well good news, the Podcast Homepage is up and running! It does not yet host a Podcast but the blog has been started and if you have a visit you will see what it is all about… Raise curtain now…

Have a look at the Global Geek Podcast Homepage. Please note that the domain names are yet to resolve so that link will change to – which I am hoping will only take twenty-four hours… We will see. Knowing my luck fourty-eight will be good going.

So hopefully between here and there myself and Sebastian will be able to keep you informed.

Oh and if there are any budding designers out there we need a logo for the podcast!

GoDaddy Brings Home the Bacon

I am posting today because I wanted to give GoDaddy a bit of a wrap.

I got sick of corresponding via email and decided to ring GoDaddy with a few issues and queries about my domains. So I decided to ring Tech Support. I fired up Skype and after struggling with the right number I rang GoDaddy with Skype. Just as a note the Dialing Wizard Skype have is excellent to get the right numbers to cal landlines with Skypeout.

I expected to be on hold for ages, but I was told via automated voice that the wait was two minutes. Thirty seconds later my call was answered; how good is that! So good on them for that. My call was answered by a polite guy in the U.S. I told him that I was new to all this and the following ten minute call had all my questions answered. They did not treat me like an idiot either, very patient and helpful.
The customer support at GoDaddy is by experience excellent, and I would encourage anyone that is considering purchasing a domain to go with GoDaddy. So two thumbs up, I was so impresed I’ve blogged it.

By the way the ten minute and thirty second phone call to a United Sates land-line cost me thirty six cents Australian, Telstra should be worried. And the call quality was excellent as well.