Human Clock

Not sure why you would want a human clock but here you go.

Someone found a set of numbers then decided to put them to good use here. The numbers are made up of people. Kinda weird but curious none the less.

Human Clock Screenshot

Angus’ Ant Trap

My eldest son built this contraption this morning. After a very long explanation I got out of him that it is in fact an ant trap. After it traps them it kills them. I have labeled the image on Flickr in case you want to know what the components are to build your own.

Beware ants, Angus is onto you… I am pleased to see that he not only has a vivid imagination but also some emerging architectural and building skills.

I am scared looking at it. Dunno what the ants think!

Ant Trap

Make Your Own Dodecahedral Calendar

Found this cool site today that allows you to select an download a PDF of a dodecahedral calendar. Obviously you have to print it and build the dodecahedral yourself. I thought what the heck I can do that, so I did.

There are two types of dodecahedron that you can choose from; the regular or the rhombic. I just chose the regular. Then you can select the year you want, the language (anything you care to name here) and the day the week starts on and hit the download button.

Download the PDF and print it out onto regular A4 paper (not letter – it does not fit). It is recommended that you use regular 80gsm paper. But for the extra challenge I printed it out on 110gsm Parchment Paper. It added a nice touch and I don’t think it made it more difficult.

Once printed cut it out, the instructions are on the print out.

Now the tricky part, fold it and glue it. Stapling just won’t cut the mustard so don’t attempt that. Now there a a couple of tricks here that will help you out.

  1. When you fold the tags in make sure they stick out not in. That way it makes it easier to press them in, especially considering the next tip.
  2. There is one “side” or “face” that you will notice has no folded tabs on it. Leave it till last. The reason being is that you need to stick your finger through it to press on the last few sides.

Once the glue dries, set it on your desk and admire it. I was surprised at the strength of it. I would guess that a lot of that lies in the actual structure and not much on the glue, but pretty cool.

Okay so that’s the art lesson for today and a great way to waste 1/2 hour. You could always get creative and edit the PDF to create something other than a calendar; here are a few suggestions:

  • Print some photo’s on the sides
  • Make your own RPG dice
  • Get the kids involved and have them “decorate” them before you make the dodecahedral
  • Make about 5000 of them and line a room to make your own studio
  • Attach pins from the inside to make a lethal office warfare weapon

Here is my effort, now go make your own!

odecahedral calendar

The Staple Diet of Dragons

I had a very interesting conversation with my four year old last night. He is apparently the resident expert on the diet of dragons. Which he says don’t exist, they used to… but they are dead now. Not sure what that means, but it makes perfect sense to him.

The following dialogue made perfect sense to him also:

Angus: “Yeah Dad, you know about dragons… got big teeth and have fire”Dragon Picture

Dad: “Sure yes, I know about dragons. Dude do you know a lot about dragons?”

Angus: “Yup, I know lots about dragons… like what they eat”

Dad: “Cool, what do dragons eat then?”

Angus: “Well, dragons eat muesli Dad…”

Dad: “Oh, they do?”

Angus: “Yeah and rubbish…”

Dad: “Rubbish?”

Angus: “Yes Dad, rubbish. But you have to watch the young dragons they will run off with your rubbish bin and won’t play. The older ones are nice they will play and then eat your rubbish.”

Dad: “Great, I’ll remember that. What do they have for desert?”

Angus: “Shampoo”

So today’s hot tip is to watch out for those young dragons.

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers Everywhere

I am everything but a mathematician. I discovered a calculator and didn’t look back. I can’t even do long division! In fact I hate numbers. I remember one maths teacher saying “Numbers are your friends”… All I could think of was “I’ll wait till they turn around and stab them in the back”. Nope maths was and is not my strong point. But I can appreciate and admire maths and the beauty that can be demonstrated with maths. For instance, I love the way that fractals relate to nature and so beautiful yet are a pure mathematical formula. I also love symmetry but that might be the OCD tendencies I seem to have…


What’s Special About This Number? exists for no other reason other than to identify what special properties a specific number has in relation to mathematics. While I do not understand most of the terms (Heck I did “Maths in Society” Okay!) I can see why this site will hold a fascination for some. I immediately thought of my brother who is the total opposite to me in relation to maths. As demonstrated by the fact that he is now a programmer and UNIX expert (read uber geek). He would love this site and it might provide a great lunchtime distraction for him. Funny I think our on-line worlds now reflect our personalities as we were growing up, off topic but interesting because I have never much thought about it.

A lot of work has gone into this page and for those that want to expand their knowledge of maths there are links to all the technical terms. The site that this page links to is WolframMathWorld and claims to be the web’s most extensive mathematics resource. I am no expert but it looks like it is!

A great fun site for all you maths and numbers geeks.

Sorry but you lost me after you told me the number zero has an identity… I thought that zero was not a number?