Late Night twitter

People love and use twitter for lots of different reasons. But I found this quote today from Leo Laporte, of TwiT fame:

“Twitter late night is kind of a swinging place, full of insomniacs, the caffeinated, and Australians. I dig it.”


Pretty much sums up twitter up-late. The other thing is that us Aussies must be making an impact on the twitter scene. There is certainly a big contingent of Aussies out there that are twitter nuts, so hop to it and see what you are missing. Or check out the Global Geek Podcast twitter special, all about twitter. We even talk about this very aspect of twitter – the light night twitter goings on from Oz.

Part of why I love twitter.

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Angus’ Ant Trap

My eldest son built this contraption this morning. After a very long explanation I got out of him that it is in fact an ant trap. After it traps them it kills them. I have labeled the image on Flickr in case you want to know what the components are to build your own.

Beware ants, Angus is onto you… I am pleased to see that he not only has a vivid imagination but also some emerging architectural and building skills.

I am scared looking at it. Dunno what the ants think!

Ant Trap

April Fool’s Collection

Okay so I am tentatively going to say that I aim to be posting a bit more. No promises as I am still very busy, but on with it!

So yesterday was April 1st and as usual we saw  numerous gags take the blogosphere, some funny, some were so quick you would have missed them. I posted about one on The Global Geek Blog that I found quite humorous. That said I did not go out and hunt them all down. Fortunately a few kind souls have done that for us.

First up The Bloggers Blog has done a nice round up of most of the online pranks that were staged. There were some great ones, I particularly liked the WiiHelm from Think Geek. They always come up with a ripper. I saw one joke from them (I have no idea if it was an April Fool) that detailed a product that was a “wireless extension cord”, very funny. The Geeks there even went to the effort to rig up a demo version and a video for the WiiHelm which had the right amount of stupidity about it.

Wikipedia have compiled a more definitive list of jokes and pranks. This list also includes print, television and audio media. Might also be worth checking the legit stories that were not April Fools gags but were mistaken as such. Always good to know. I just about gave up reading the RSS feeds yesterday as I was begining to think that everything was a joke. Must have been a bad day for news.

Other April Fools 2007 Lists and Resources:

Urgo’s 2007 List of April Fool’s Day Jokes on Websites: Add one if you can not find it

2007 April Fools Jokes by goodstuff: Do the April Fools Jokes Web2.0 style with this tour on Trailfire. It would have been nice  if this was a bit more exhaustive, but that would be a huge job to put together. Nice way to see them though, including descriptions.

Have fun and get thinking for next year, maybe your prank will top the lot, might make you famous even.

Comment Armageddon

So there I was catching up on some RSS feeds that I had missed over the Christmas New Year break. I made an unexpected find while I was doing that. Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch is a respected authority in Web 2.0 circles as far as covering new start-ups and the culture of the Internet and technology news. But this post caused some controversy.

TechCrunch covered a website that was a social network for budding photographers. So what you might say. Well this is a social network for amateur pornography. I have not linked to the site covered because that is not what this post is about. Arrington covers the site in a very matter-of-fact way that you would expect. It would seem that his readers don’t appreciate it, generally. True this is not the sort of thing that TechCrunch usually covers and that might be why there was the reaction that there was. Still not sure it was worthy of the reaction of some.

The real action here is the comments. There are no less than 191 comments at the time of this post. It is the most entertaining run of comments that I have read in a long time. Like fies to a dead cow everyone turns up for a go. It has everything from name calling to preaching doom and gloom. There are “hissy” fits and passionate pleas. Everything, you name it you will find it here.

What’s more the names read like a who’s who of the blogosphere. Featuring in order of appearance:

I am sure there are some I missed or did not recognise. These guys probably subscribe to TechCrunch so I am not surprised that they do. But for them to be motivated enough to comment, you can imagine. I learned some things about Robert Scoble that I did not know. He actually kicks butt in an argument. Still not sure why they got involved, no one wins a flame war.

Very entertaining and well worth the read. Not often I recommend to skip the article and go straight to the comments. I am not about to make judgements about the merits of Arringtons choice of topics but suffice to say his readers have spoken. But from my perspective it doesn’t seem like it fits the TechCrunch mould. It says a lot about knowing your audience.

New Start-up: PiisTakr Beta

I would invite all readers to have a look at a new “start-up” right here on WordPress, PiisTakr beta.

I just discovered PiisTakr while I was “blog surfing”, which is just as the name implies. Before anyone asks, no I am not the author. But whoever that is, hats off, the first post is as absolutely bloody funny as anything I have read. Although, it is a slightly different take on the Novell, Microsoft Linux story than what I had previously read.

The about page says:

“Welcome to PiisTakr-beta your anonymous eye to the world of the stupidity that surrounds technology.

We poke a bit of fun at everyone and everything.

So if we’ve written something about you, then be happy – it means you’re famous!”

We don’t see enough of these types of blogs, it seems everyone else takes life very seriously. It would seem seriousness for this blogger or bloggers is far from their thoughts as they “poke fun”. The first post targets Microsoft, Novell and Linux and I can not wait to see who is next on the block. This blog is definitely in my subscription list. Perhaps this is the start of the next Dead2.0?

As far as who this person or persons are, who knows it gives nothing away. But then who cares, top stuff and extremely funny.

PiisTakr Beta Screenshot

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Microsoft Take Over Firefox!

Did the title scare you?

Take a look at this page:

But look closely…

MS Firefox

Very funny, they have even ripped off the favicon for genuine Microsoft sites. There are a bunch of links and funny stuff. But basically they are ripping off Microsoft. Striking fear into geeks the world over.

Seriously though if this did ever happen (as remote as that is) it would destroy the faith that the users have in Firefox. I was talking to a friend of mine last night about this very issue. About the strong bonds that people forge with the products that they use. Brand associations and loyalty are what make or brake a product. That is why Firefox would be destroyed if it was ever touched by the “enemy”.

We also had an interesting chat about how these bonds to software influence how we interact with it. That we make assumptions about the usability of software based on who owns it, wrote it or influenced it’s development. Regardless of these feelings being based on fact or not. Indeed as a marketer you would capitalise on these brand associations. Or as a manager you would use products that your employees had a strong loyalty to upon which to base the applications that you either developed or used. Because that is what would give you the greatest productivity. Increase productivity you increase through put. That is; you make more money, ultimately you don’t care what they use as long as it gets the job done.

What we talked about was the feeling that you had when you thought for just one second “What if Microsoft really did do that”.

Comment Spam is Getting Philosophical

This made me laugh. I was going through the spam today checking for legit comments that were accidently caught and it would seem our comment spammers are try something different.

If you are in the mood for a few words of wisdom, look no further than the caught spam in your Akismet window on WordPress:

“He that serves everybody is paid by nobody…”

“Every man has a fool in his sleeve…”

“That which one least anticipates soonest comes to pass…”

“To come away none the wiser…”

Akismet does a top job and this rubbish that is trying to pass for educated comment is in the spam can. Thanks Akismet. Inventive tactic though, I have to admit.

Don’t know if anyone else goes through their spam, I know I have found a few genuine comments in there a few times. I always check, I feel sorry for the person that wrote the comment and ended up marked as spam. Anyone else check the spam can?