You Know It Might Not Be Safe When…

Council ManagementYesterday Adam sent me this picture that he took, what a laugh! He took it "five mins run away", I am guessing from his place. Not sure how far away that is and you can go run for five minutes to find out because I am not.

Anyways the alarm bells would be ringing if you saw this sign. Not a place to take the kids for a play in the park.

You have to laugh though, this is typical Council management. Although I think that for some people this might be a completely reasonable day: Get up (from the park bench), have a few beers (or fifty), go pick a fight or two and win some and loose some, after all that actvilty have a sleep, get up and do it again tomorrow. That day might be so good they get up and do it all again the next day. That means setting up a campsite!

Given that mentality I don't think that the persons that this sign is directed towards give a rats what it says. But at least the Cairns Council can say that they are managing the problem!

That's Council for you!

As a note; this is not a reflection of Cairns as a whole.