Web Site for Gaming Guilds

I don’t follow the gaming industry that closely. I don’t usually cover what is happening at all. But this caught my eye today, probably because it is on my radar for new social networking sites and services. But this is new as far as I know and fairly innovative. The site is called MMOGUILDSITES and launched at the end of November 2006.

MMOGUILDSITES is offering a one stop place to put together a website for your guild. Sure the concept of a guild site is not new. But this way of doing it is. You don’t need to have any knowledge of coding or experience building a website. But it goes further than that, there is a swag of features to make your site a place that members can communicate, coordinate and make their own. All plans offer the same features:

  • Forums
  • Private Messaging
  • Polls
  • Events Calendar
  • Guild Applications (for potential members)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Plus Optional Additional Features

There are many other features that make the whole package look very attractive. You have a dashboard to set permissions and appoint moderators for your forums and website. A drag and drop interface to design the layout of the site. Things you can drop into the site are things like shout boxes, events, members profiles, statistics and images. You can even customise with a theme, and they look great. Don’t like the default themes on offer then design your own using the tools provided. Once created themes can be shared between members of the site. So while the site is for separate guilds it is building a sense of community. There are lots of features that I have not mentioned as I would run out of time to list them all, they seem to have thought of everything!

I was impressed to see attention to detail like the addition of RSS feeds. On face value this service looks to be of a high quality and a lot of thought has gone into presenting a product that any gamer would appreciate. This is something that I could see having wider implications and applications outside the gaming community. It is about time that social networking sites took notice this is a fine example of how things should be done. Very slick for a user generated site.

While the look, feel and features are great it seems that these are the type of features that the target audience would be looking for. The features are there ready made and they are things that would make it easy, fun and functional to both members and owners of each site. This is a niche market and it appeals to that market.

I said service and service it is, there is a cost involved, but I think it is reasonable and fair and if the quality is there then users will not mind paying for it. The only difference that I can see between the plans is the upload limit. Prices are per month.

  • Standard: $8.99 – 100MB upload
  • Pro: $12.99 – 200MB upload
  • Premium: $16.99 – 500MB upload

While there is a cost involved here it is a community site for a guild, what is to stop a group getting together and starting a site? Shared costs would make it inexpensive. A great way to give your guild the professional look together with ease of use and user-friendly feel make this a top idea on a solid platform.

I think this one has legs and promise. They have what looks to be a sound business model and they have not priced themselves out of existence. Nice work and I hope they succeed. Also check out their blog which looks just as good as the rest of the site. Anyone had any experience with this service?

I almost forgot they have a free trial for 7 days.