Mosaic Generator

I think I have seen more cool web based applications come from the Flickr API than any other public API. In addition there seems to be no limit to what people use it for and the development seems to be prolific. This is another example and one of the coolest I have seen.

I have always wanted an easy way to create a mosaic from photos. I have looked and there are ones that you can buy. These then come with a massive photo library that you either have to store on your system or muck around with disks to use. Or you can use your own photos, does anyone have that many photos? Maybe but not me, it would be a boring mosaic when you zoomed in.

Mosaic_Zoomed inThe answer is; Image Mosaic Generator and it is fantastic. The images that are used in the generation of the mosaic all come from Flickr. There are some examples on the main page of the website. But it is far more fun to generate your own. Just select an image that you have and upload it into the generator. It about three to five minutes to upload and generate the image, it is huge so people that have “slow” connections might have to wait a while. But it is worth it.

Once generated you can then scale the image, bigger up to 200% or smaller to suite your needs. Once scaled you can then download the image. I found the button for downloading hiding in the bottom left of the generated image. Or just do what I did and download the big image and scale it with any reasonable photo editing program. The results are great, stand back from the images to get the full effect. The above image is a zoomed image of the one below.

No extra programs or masses of pictures on your PC, fast easy mosaics and it is a heap of fun.

Mosaic of Dave


Need to Insult Someone?

Ever needed the perfect insult? You know the one there is no comeback for? The one that is so disgusting and ridiculous at the same time that it freezes people mid sentence? Look no further I have your answer.

WebInsult generator fits all of the above perfectly. I think though it is really supposed to be a laugh, so head on over and insult yourself.

During my brief visit I had such niceties as these to contend with:

“You filthy descendant of abusive llama spit”

“You dusky mouthful of vile baboon puke”

“You superficial barrel of monotonous shark snot”

“You evil-smelling drum of radioactive lizard bums”

And they were the nice ones! I was very selective. Fun site with 1,697,393,663 combinations for you to mess with your mates heads. Have fun and remember to play nice and say sorry when you are done.


I love the Disclaimer on the site and the same goes here in case you are wondering:

“Disclaimer: By using the WebInsult service you agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Coruscant Ltd. and its employees and officers from and against any claims or lawsuits, including legal costs, that arise or result from the use or distribution of these insults.

You should be aware of the laws of slander and libel before you send insults to or about people who may be lacking a sense of humour.”