The Digg Effect

As previously mentioned The Podcast Network was Dugg over the last 24 hours. Cameron Reilly was astounded at the hit the TPN servers copped from Digg. This is the first time that The Podcast Network has been “Dugg”.

Today Cam released a post where he states:

“I did the same traffic to G’Day World in one 24 hour period that I normally get in a month. And we aren’t currently geared up for that kind of attention.”

The last sentence was in response to the “issues” with trying to access the network this morning. G’day World carried the story as well as The Global Geek and that was the one that got Dugg.

He is also kind enough to demonstrate with a picture and includes screenshots, this is amazing. Click on it for a full sized version.

This is “The Digg Effect”:

The Digg Effect


Nice 🙂