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BuddyStumbler Logo ResizedBuddystumbler looks to be a good site to meet people with similar interests. I think this service has a lot going for it in that it is simple and to the point along with one of the simplest sign ups and set ups that I have ever seen. I especially like the idea of tagging yourself for others to find.

When I landed on this page I was not sure what to make of it. But it gets straight to the point. A search box with a few operators to choose from. Such as male or female and age range. The search is something a bit different in that you are not searching for a name but rather by keyword, for potential friends. I thought it was a lot like tagging, tagging people. I searched for podcasting and podcast, I was disappointed to find that there were none. But then the site is fairly new and in beta. So not populated with the volume needed, yet.

But I like the idea. I don’t have that much time to keep up with the on-line contacts that I do have let alone create some more. But if you unlike me are looking for new friends then this is a great idea. The idea of searching for keywords or tags to find friends is an interesting concept. This is related to the sign up which allows you to write a brief description and then tag yourself as many times as you think necessary. Keywords that identify your interests, hobbies, personality and whatever else you can think up. You then input your username or names from Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL or all of them.

The meeting bit involves the exchange of IM names only and both parties have to agree. No other information other than the instant messenger user name you designate is exchanged. The rest is up to the people involved to chat via their respective IM clients. I think this is smart because the site has done the job and you pursue a friendship or contact away from the service. The inclusion of a shoutbox on your profile helps get things started if you don’t necessarily want to exchange usernames straight away. It does sound a bit like an on-line dating service, potentially it could end up like that but hopefully not.

Say I was new to podcasting and I wanted to find some new friends that would talk podcasting with me and give me some support in my new venture. This would be a great place to potentially find someone like that. This process is actually quite difficult otherwise and requires a fair bit of effort. You can search other places, email other podcasters and use services like Skype and search for users with descriptions that interest you. But this cuts to the chase and makes that a whole lot easier. The other advantage is that users of this service are expecting people to want to meet them and are more likely to respond. Better than the effort of an email which might result in being ignored.

The only way that this service is going to get better is for it to be populated, at present it is a bit limited. With the IM services having their fair share of spammers and idiots I can really see people needing and wanting this type of service. With that I think once the word gets out this will appeal to certain users and groups. Slick interface with a simple premise and ease of use it has appeal.

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Want to Alpha Test Trillian 4?

On the back of the Trillian 4 Sneak Preview the guys over at Trillian central are going to open up a registration script to sign up to be an Alpha tester. They expect it to be up some time today.

Apparently the word is that they underestimated just how many people would be interested in being a tester. So to combat that they are looking for people to apply to be one based on a few factors:

  • Emailed an expression of interest ages ago
  • Pro customer, with an expired subscription or not
  • Wrote an expression of interest that covered who you are and why you should be a tester
  • Numerical rank (FIFO)

These are not finalised just mooted possible criteria.

That is the general gist in any case. It seems fair to me. Although there is no word on how many “positions” they are giving away. Your guess is as good as mine, they keep their cards close to their chest in every respect. My advice would be that if you are keen then be quick because I think they will be flooded with applications.

Despite my love of new technology and an early adopter, I will not be applying. Attractive and tempting, yes. But the probable instability of the product is a deterrent as I need a reliable service. I also don’t need the hassle of buggy software. In addition to the fact that I really don’t have the time to do it justice. But the wait is driving me a bit nuts I must admit. In addition updates seem to have stalled on the current version, which I don’t blame them for (why bother?).

I am yet to extract a possible release date. Nor have they hinted as yet.

I will post the link for the registration page when it pops up on my radar.

Update: Cerulean Studios has opened up the application page for potential beta testers.

Sneak Preview of Trillian 4

Trillian Astra LogoCerulean Studios have released a preview of Trillian Astra. This is the most that has been heard from the Trillian developers in a while and the largest release of information about the new messenger to date.

There is a nice flash movie preview to start. But the real gold is in the Trillian Sneak Peek Preview details. Here there are details covering the various new developments with the messenger client. The information is extensive and on face value we could have a killer application on our hands for messaging if they deliver half of what is promised.

The preview covers:

Notable items within these categories are many; if you are wanting the whole story they cover the lot over at the preview.

One of the great features that has been added is that your contact list is now managed by a server. Think the same way that Skype manages your contacts. Your contact list is downloaded every time you start Trillian. No more adding contacts every time you reinstall or rebuild your machine. This is part of a more socially based messaging client.

Trillian 4 will have better management of identities. You get your own Trillian web page. Your various identities and web pages that are associated with you are listed here. Create another blog then add the url. Get another messaging identity add it here as well. A virtual business card. Trillian Astra is becoming more than a messenger it is a central place for communication management. Your Trillian web page also gives people the ability to message you without having to use a client. Very nice. It also appears that your Trillian Web presence will incorporate widgets as well. Flickr and others are mentioned. Your status will also be shown here and updated in real time.

For all the developers out there, the Trillian protocols will be open. As is the case with the current client.

There are some new message window features that look very cool. What about image sharing with a drag and drop interface? Hand writing support for tablet PC’s. Viewing smaller versions of a contacts widgets in the chat window. RSS delivered straight to your IM client. Wow, the features are extensive and I can not wait for it to be released.

There are many more features and explanations than I have mentioned. Head over to the preview and check it out for yourself, it looks awesome. No point me repeating what they have said. These are just a few things that struck me as cool.

This is the announcement of the release of the Alpha version. However, before everyone goes off and searches for the download there is not one. It is invite only and they are looking for people to join in the testing. But the alpha is not yet fully featured, there is no support for audio or video as yet and they have warned that it will crash and be unreliable. However if this does not deter you then head over to the blog and express an interest. I can not see any other way to contact them.

As far as the final release, I think we are a long way off that. Current build is 21. They are hoping to add builds every 2-3 weeks. This is Alpha, see what I mean? It has taken the good part of 12 months to get this far. No dates mentioned but based on current performance definitely next year at the earliest and then it would not surprise me if it was mid 2007. Then if it is as good as they say I do not mind waiting.