Great Podcast this Week

The Global Geek Podcast LogoWe recorded the show this afternoon and I have just finished the raw edit of the show. I really do not want anyone to miss the show this week. Due to my work hours this week end that were totally incompatible with podcasting, the show might be a day late. Give or take.

We have a special guest co-host this week and we have a lot of fun. Knightwise himself has said that it was one of the best shows he has been a part of. If you have not checked out the podcast, this week would be a great week to do so. Please head over to The Global Geek Podcast homepage and keep an eye out for show number #024. It should be up within the next 48 hours. We will be please for you to join us and be sure to leave a comment on the blog.


Confusing Numbers & The “Temp”

I am not sure why but this week as I was putting the podcast together and even after it was done I had it in my head that it was number 018. It was in fact 019! Have a look on the right, even the RSS feed is wrong! But that aside I have a great guest on this weeks show and we had a great time doing the show.

So the whole numbers thing has me stumped. This is the first time that I have made mistakes like this. First it was the show notes that I put together for the show, 18 all the way through! Then it was saving the file from the recording, I saved that as “The Global Geek Podcast 018 RAW “. That little error could have been a disaster as it was the same as the file name as the last recording. For some reason it worked, go figure. Since I was making all these mistakes about the show number I was really careful about the file name, got that right. But then it was the show notes! I put the title of the show as 018! I have corrected it now but the RSS feed picked it up before I noticed, even then Sebastian let me know in a voicemail!

So something snapped in the Rooster’s brain, not sure what. My head was totally fixated on the number 18. So for those that listen to the show, ignore the number! think 019. Does anyone know the psychology behind that?

So this week the show was with a guest co-host, who I am trying to convince to stay on as a regular. Knightwise very graciously did the show with me this week and I had a great time talking about what he does and we do the news. It was our intention that we do a small interview for about 10 minutes… which turned into 25 minutes! But it was good and worth it. The news got slashed as a result, but that was Okay.

Hopefully, I am over the whole 18 thing and I remember that the next show is the big 20! Should be a blast. Please check out The Global Geek Podcast #019, I fixed the Post Title but I think the RSS title is stuffed for all time!

UPDATE: The RSS feed seems to be smarter than I am and with my changes has fixed it’s self! Yey!! Computers are weird.

Video Calling Here… What it Means to Me

Video for phone calls may be here but not the way the we might have expected it would be. Certainly not the way I thought it would when I was a kid.

So I thought when I was younger that one day we would have phones that had video in them of the person you were calling. As in home phone that is. I know this feature is available on some mobile phones but it costs a bomb and I would not say that it is widely available and it is price restrictive.

Skype on the other-hand is available, functional and free. The power of Skype was made very clear to me a wile ago when I got a web-cam and a close friend of mine got one as well. We could talk and see each other and it was second best to being there. It is that feeling that, if I can’t be there then this is great and I am feeling like we are hanging out; that is the difference.

With Skype now supporting Mac on the video front I have had a few more of these “being there” experiences. My brother recently converted to Mac only, yup every machine that he owns is a Mac. He was bummed that video was not supported in the Mac, but a week or so ago it happened. Skype for Mac now does video and James and I were able to chat and talk and see each other for the first time. The cool thing in this instance was the fact that we had our kids with us and we were able to interact and have fun, the kids loved it. I think they found it a little strange as well though. This is something that I cherish, my brother’s family is the other end of Australia near Sydney. So Skype gives us something that we would not otherwise have.

Screenshot of Skype Call

Yet another experience that I had recently was that of the Trans-Continental variety. And we took a screen shot to boot. Good mate and podcaster Knightwise from The Knightcast Podcast (from Belgium) and I were chatting on Skype and we fired up the video. He has a Mac as well so this is new to Kinghtwise as well. But the thing that made it absolutely hilarious was the fact that I was talking to Knightwise, using the video and he was cooking potatoes. Don’t know what is was it was just funny. It gave that being there experience and the fact that it has all the ambient sounds of him making his dinner. It seemed a normal thing to do. Talk to The Rooster and make dinner. Not something I thought I would ever do when I was a kid.

The most amazing thing is that all this is free. I can chat for hours to anyone that has Skype for free. Admitedly; a broadband connection is required, but taking something that I would have anyway and using it in this way has blown my mind. That is to say nothing of the fact that this is a free service! Sure phoning me from a land line to Skype costs money, but it is very, very competitive at the cost of a local call in Australia or to call out from Skype is cheaper still at 0.027 cents per minute (no the zero is not a mistake). I am slowly dumping my home phone. I have been saying and will continue to say that the telecommunications companies have a lot to worry about. This is further demonstration of the fact that in the end they will either have to evolve or die.

My home phone just can not give me the experience that the Internet and Skype can. I ask what they are doing about it?

So the ride to where we are now is not what I expected it to be nor have we arrived to where I thought we would end up (since when is that the case anyway). But I am excited about being a part of it and will continue to integrate technology into my life. It is finally becoming something that is impacting my life. Although I still hate computers.

If you want to call me on Skype just call 07 3102 3535, try it out. Or better yet download Skype and call me for free!

Updated the Webpage

Nothing major today, I have made a few changes to the Global Geek Podcast Homepage.

Because the web-page for the Global Geek Podcast was such hard work I have avoided changing anything for fear it would all be ruined. But I can say that now it is all set and basically the way it will be for a while, editing it in a minor way was easy. I just cut and paste the HTML our and into Nvu which is an open source WYSIWYG editor for web pages. It is excellent because as you would know from the podcast Sebastian and I do not try to pass ourselves off as HTML guru’s at all. Quite the opposite; we suck! Nvu is highly recommended by myself, especially if you don’t want to spend any money – it works!

As you might know from Sebastian’s blog, he purchased a domain name: for his blog page, which he has “masked” with that domain. So I thought it only fair that the link to his blog be that, so that done he should now be happy.

The other change is that you will notice that there is a link to The Knightsite. There is a bit of a story behind this one. Another great story of networking, Skype and the community of podcasters, bloggers. Turns out that this Belgian dude called Joe (a.k.a Knightwise) was cruising around the Skype “search for contacts” option in Skype. I don’t know what for but eh, he was there. He happened across Sebastian’s Skype id which detailed his podcasting involvement. So Joe called him up, as it happens Sebastian and I were talking at the time and we invited the Knight into the conversation and we all hit it off. Joe is a top bloke and he has a podcast called the Knightcast. It is a great quality podcast; hell he uses VBR encoding at high bit rates – bandwidth must be cheap in Belgum! Plus I think his accent is cool.

The KnightcastSo Knightwise should have a place on our Podcast Homepage. We often talk now and encourage each other with our projects and we are planning some joint ones coming up so that will be fun. It is true that the internet does not know borders or nationality. I am stoked that I have yet another person added to my own community that is mutually moving towards bettering our “space”. There is no way in the world that my own universe would have opened up as much as it has without this wonderful medium called the internet, which is starting to reflect real world interactions and ways of meeting new friends. And that is just plain cool.

By the way please have a listen to the Knightcast, great quality and very impressive editing, he deserves a bigger audience and he is a top bloke.

So that’s about it for the web-page update, but as usual I can talk about anything for too long!