Make Typing URL’s Easier and Be More Productive

So this might be old but I don’t care, I had never heard of it. This hack works in Firefox, IE and Opera and more than likely others as well.

  1. Take the name of a website and type it into the address bar
  2. Hold control and hit Enter
  3. The missing parts of the address are filled in for you

If you happen to need a .org or a .net:

.org = Control + Shift + Enter

.net = Shift + Enter

This does depend on your browser, some experimentation  might be required.

Firefox_Opera_IE MashUP LogoThat is if you type a lot of addresses, I am as lazy as crap. I actually type stuff into Google and click the result… how lazy is that! Should start doing this though.

Source: Daily Cup of Tech


People are Lazy and In Limbo

Well it has been a few days since I posted my plea for a new co-host. Up until today when I posted an entry onto The Podcast Homepage I had had no replies. None at all. To tell the truth I am very surprised, I thought I would have had least a couple of responses of enquiry. But nope.

I remembered a while ago another podcaster (who shall remain nameless) said to me that;

“…people are lazy”

Maybe that is the reason that I have not had any enquiries? But to tell the truth I don’t want anyone that could not be bothered dropping me an email or an Odeo. It is not that hard and I don’t think that I am asking too much. But maybe I am asking too much, so to revise things: If you are interested in being the new co-host on The Global Geek Podcast then do something to get in touch with me, via any means you feel is appropriate.

One other consideration that Adam (another mate) told me not so long ago is that because I am involved in podcasting then I assume that a lot of people know about the medium, but they don’t. Podcasting is new media and is yet to make it mainstream. So maybe my request is falling on ears that don’t have a clue what I am talking about. Rather than me raving on about what podcasting is why not go and have a look at the Wiki for it.

Still I thought that I would be sifting through people wanting to be the next co-host. I thought I would have had more responses. I have plastered it all over the net, well in the places that I frequent. But nothing. The other thing is that there are no resources out there for podcasters to sources things like a co-host from! That makes it hard. So if anyone knows somewhere I could go to post a cry for a new co-host then let me know!

Essentially though people are lazy. As a podcaster I don’t get much feedback for the show. Although it is very easy to do so. Maybe the show doesn’t motivate people to comment. But I can tell you that it makes my day to get a comment or better still an Odeo comment that I can play on the show. Feedback is part of what makes it all worth it. So a message out there to listeners – let your podcaster know you like the show or what they can do better!

So I am still in limbo. I have had a few nibbles from different people. One bloke in particular is works in IT, I sent him off an email today in response to a comment that he left on the podcast blog. One funny thing is that he suggested that we get together for a coffee, he is in Victoria, Australia. For those that don’t know, that is the other end of the country to me! Some people don’t know this but my resigning co-host and myself have never meet in real life. We meet on-line, organised the podcast and started it, all without meeting in real life! So I wrote to this guy, at the other end of Oz and said sure, love to have a coffee… but it would have to be a virtual one over Skype! Strange concept but totally do’able in my opinion, and with video should be fun. There is no reason why it has to be in person when you have the video as well. I look forward to hearing back from him. Time will tell.

I am finding the uncertaintity a little difficult, I am not sure what I am going to do if I don’t find anyone over the next week. Although I do have Knightwise who has offered to do a show with me. My brother James has also offered to come and do a show on security, email and life as a system administrator. I also have one or two options up my sleeve, so that might cover it for a month. What after that, I am not sure.

In limo till then… Feel free to contact me to ask questions or chat about what the co-hosting involves.