Numbers, Numbers, Numbers Everywhere

I am everything but a mathematician. I discovered a calculator and didn’t look back. I can’t even do long division! In fact I hate numbers. I remember one maths teacher saying “Numbers are your friends”… All I could think of was “I’ll wait till they turn around and stab them in the back”. Nope maths was and is not my strong point. But I can appreciate and admire maths and the beauty that can be demonstrated with maths. For instance, I love the way that fractals relate to nature and so beautiful yet are a pure mathematical formula. I also love symmetry but that might be the OCD tendencies I seem to have…


What’s Special About This Number? exists for no other reason other than to identify what special properties a specific number has in relation to mathematics. While I do not understand most of the terms (Heck I did “Maths in Society” Okay!) I can see why this site will hold a fascination for some. I immediately thought of my brother who is the total opposite to me in relation to maths. As demonstrated by the fact that he is now a programmer and UNIX expert (read uber geek). He would love this site and it might provide a great lunchtime distraction for him. Funny I think our on-line worlds now reflect our personalities as we were growing up, off topic but interesting because I have never much thought about it.

A lot of work has gone into this page and for those that want to expand their knowledge of maths there are links to all the technical terms. The site that this page links to is WolframMathWorld and claims to be the web’s most extensive mathematics resource. I am no expert but it looks like it is!

A great fun site for all you maths and numbers geeks.

Sorry but you lost me after you told me the number zero has an identity… I thought that zero was not a number?