Tis the Season for… Calendars

I made myself a dodecahedral calendar earlier in the year and that was heaps of fun. Sad to report that my youngest son decided to see if it would withstand a foot, it didn’t. But lucky for me it is December and it is just about had it’s day in the sun. I am yet to make this years calendar as that one was hard enough.

But for people that don’t want to take the time to make their own 3D calendar then the 2D version might be for you. This one is dead easy, small and unobtrusive.

Care of Marlies’ Creative Universe comes a PDF which contains a strip calendar that you can print in either a horizontal or vertical format. The idea is that you can utilize the unused space on the side of monitors. Comes in Balck and white and colour. Nice idea I thought.

As I said easy, no scissors or glue required. But heck if you are up to the challenge the dodecahedral is fun and rewarding.

strip calendar sample