The Global Geek Podcast Finally has a Promo

Well I finally got this monkey off my back and finished the promo for the Podcast. It was a bit of an effort but I got it done.

The biggest problem was the backing track. I made several attempts at doing one myself and failed, miserably! I just don’t have what it takes even with all the fancy software and loops and resources. That really points to the talent of music artists and mixing genius’s.

One of those genius’s is Dave London. We have featured Dave’s music in the show a number of times thanks to ioda PROMONET. Great stuff. So that got me thinking… We obtained permission from Yes Mate Recordings to use one of Dave’s tracks in the promo! Tops. Now we have a great sounding sound track to back my not so great radio voice and a great promo I can be proud of. But the music makes it sound heaps better! I did not want to do a hack job. Your promo is a reflection on you and your work.

Check out Yes Mate Recordings for more of Dave’s Music and appearance dates. Many thanks to Yes Mate Recordings for their willingness to be a part of the podcast.

Please feel free to download the promo for use in your podcast or if you just want to hear the results just press play.

UPDATE: We are now able to use the Audio Player WordPress Plugin and so I have embeded the player for you to hear it directly from this page.


YouTube Closer to a Sustainable Business Model?

YouTube LogoThe Blogosphere has been flooded over the past twenty-four hours about YouTube and a deal with Warner Music Group Corp. In their quest to host music videos (they aim to host every single one in the history of music videos!) you will now see thousands of music videos from Warners available for viewing on YouTube.

The biggest deal in the whole thing is the fact that this copyrighted material from Warners that is featured on YouTube will be made available for users to mix into their own videos. Legally! (not sure if that includes downloading the tracks or what or how). This is stark contrast to previous accusations regarding copyright violations and YouTube. As even days ago Universal was ranting:

Universal Music Group CEO Doug Morris signaled the industry’s exasperation with YouTube just a few days ago when he indicated the world’s largest record label is prepared to sue the site unless it does a better job of preventing copyright violations.

[Via Yahoo News]

The deal sees both companies sharing revenue generated from advertising. Otherwise the details of the deal have not been made public.

I have been saying for quite some time that YouTube in it’s current state is not viable long term. This is mainly due to the excessive cost of the bandwidth that they chug through every day. Their bandwidth bill every month is in the millions. You can not keep up that kind of expenditure and remain on-line! Until the deal with Warner, the company has survived on $11.5 million in venture capital, which I am sure is starting to run a little low. As far as the latest deal we don’t know who is paying who or what. But are they closer to a working business model?

Sure, YouTube will be the place to go to check out the latest music video and perhaps download it. Sure, that is great for YouTube as far as traffic, and it is even greater for Warner who have pimped their latest big hit. People go out and buy the album. But that leaves YouTube as an advertiser for Warner, if they are doing that for free they are nuts. So perhaps they are getting payed for the exposure that Warner are getting. Again, all speculation as we have no idea what the deal entails.

What it does show though is that existing companies are starting to see the power of the online community and that is where the future lies. They are starting to take seriously the exposure and the need to embrace the technology. This from Warner:

“Technology is changing entertainment, and Warner Music is embracing that innovation…”

“Consumer-empowering destinations like YouTube have created a two-way dialogue that will transform entertainment and media forever.”

See they are getting smarter. Perhaps we will start to see issues regarding DRM coming to the surface around this deal as well. Be good to see the debate hot up as clearly Warner see that DRM is useless there are always hacks for DRM and for the rest it is annoying, restrictive and flawed, but that is another story.

This increased trust in on-line companies could well pave the way for others and is sure to benefit the on-line communities and start-ups that proliferate the Internet. I wish YouTube all the best in their latest deal and hope that it succeeds, if only for the benefits that will permeate to the rest of us.

The Numa Numa Guy Goes Corporate!

I could not believe this. The guy, Gary Brolsma who did the original Numa Numa dance and spawned the subsequent mass viral video craze is back!

Originally, either out of total embarrassment or not wanting the attention withdrew from the forum that made him an internet name. This from the official press release:

The video was meant to amuse himself and a few friends. But within weeks Internet users charmed by the innocence and ebullience of Brolsma’s performance spread the video around the world. Brolsma became an unintentional icon of the viral video phenomenon.

Nothing heard nor seen until now. He is a “director” on YouTube and has released a new video, singing something different. Which by the way is no where near as good as the original. He has started an official site and a competition valued at $45 000 for the winner! He details the deal in a video also and on the website. Surprisingly the comments are very nasty, directed to a guy that is somewhat revered within the community.

It also looks like from his website that he has ring-tones, music, merchandise and partners. Now it looks like Gary is trying to make something out of his fame, but is it too late? I wish him all the best, I love the original and I play it when I feel down, a sure fire pick up. It makes me laugh, especially when we play it on Skype and we just know that everyone else on the call is doing the Numa.