Destroy Your Website Or Someone Else’s

Well temporarily at least. NetDisaster gives you the opportunity to create chaos on any website on the Internets.

When you arrive your greeted with few text fields to fill in. Web site URL, the type of disaster you would like to inflict there are many to choose from and include flood to “acid pee” and dinosaurs. Once the type of disaster is selected you can choose a few other options as well, like sound. Select if the process is self healing or “massive”. Then “GO”! Simple time waster, but then the best ones are simple.

Mars Attacks

The page loads with the website you entered and the mayhem starts in either automatic mode or mouse control mode. You’ll notice also that there is a toolbar at the top of the page. This allows you to change the type of disaster at any time without reloading the page. This is thanks to the fact that the page is rendered in flash. Because of that it is just an image and the links etc won’t work.

If you want to send the page and settings to a friend via email you can do that as well. Finally you can cancel the animations and the options and load the webpage as per usual. There are also some other options available via a pull down menu on the right hand side, it is all pretty self explanatory.

Great time waster and a bit of fun. The animations are well done and as I said, simple but heaps of fun. Go ahead and wreck your site. Heck aliens attacked mine! Although I liked the flooding one as well but due to my colour scheme it was a bit lost on it.

I suggest that you get to your workmates’ PC load up their current page and set to work invoking some disaster, timed right so that almost total destruction is complete on their return to their desk.

Net Disaster Screenshot

Publicity is Nice

.net Magazine PictureI woke this morning to some great news that The Global Geek Podcast has been featured in prominent U.K magazine “.net”.

The podcast is listed with 2 others. But the great thing is that to be listed with popular podcasts like Diggnation is tops! I am not sure if the magazine comes out in other countries with the same format, but if you live in the UK have a look at page 20.

The picture that appears here is a link to a full sized image click for full size. My thanks to Jack for sending it in. Sorry that it is not better quality but it is a photo of the magazine. Perhaps Jack should be entered into our +1000 competition?

Sebastian was very much a part of the growth of the podcast up to this point and I thank him for the support that he has given.