Global Geek Podcast Stats

I was surprised to find that someone reached the Rooster’s Rail today by entering the following search term into Google:

“global geek podcast subscription stats”

I am assuming that the individual that used this term was perhaps considering the co-host spot, maybe… Perhaps they might be thinking that it is statistics that make a good podcast?

I would rather that the show was judged on the content and quality of it rather than by the statistics that it generates. That is after all what counts in my opinion. That said I am sure the whole dynamic of the show will change some what, with a new co-host. So if you think you can make a difference then judge not on what the figures might show you, rather your gut and what you hear. Then if you think you might be interested then talk to me, I won’t bite.

Oh, and let me save you the trouble of searching some more. The statistics for The Global Geek Podcast are not public. They never were and never will be. Statistic information is for members of The Podcast Network only and reside on secure servers. This is the case for all podcasts on The Podcast Network.

How Readable is The Rail?

This was very interesting and I did not even know tools like this existed. I think it is quite useful, even if it it just for curiosity. A readability test for your blog or any website for that matter. You plug in the url that you want analyzed and it spits out a result. One flaw is that it also includes menu items and title bars and things like that, so you can’t take it as totally 100% accurate. But I think it is a useful tool.

It would seem from my results that the output is only that for the first main page of my Blog. I have certainly written more than 1807 words in total on Rooster’s Rail. But the results certainly provide some interesting reading, about the main blog page anyway.

The screen shot is my results for Rooster’s Rail. I found it a bit hard to find out what to make of the results. But if you read further down afetr this display you will see how the results are derived and what they mean written after each one. There are three main scores.

Readability Screenshot

The Gunning Fog Score, this is how many years of schooling that you would have to do to understand the content. The lower the number the more understandable the content is. I think this was good for my blog as I am aiming not necessarily to be understood and read by everyone or read by everyone. I want intelligent comments and readers. If you scored this on the side of a life-jacket then that would be bad. See what I mean? I think it all has to do with audience.

The second; Flesch Reading Score is a score out of one hundred, the higher the score the easier it is for people to understand the document. Authors are recommended to aim for 60 to 70. I did not shape up too bad here. This balances out the high school grade required that I scored above!

The Third and last result is the Flesh-Kincaid Grade; is like the Gunning Fog score. It is an estimate of the number of years of schooling required for someone to understand the document. This is a bit strange as it is nowhere near the Gunning Fog Score. But I guess it is not totally accurate and you have to experts things like that. If they were averaged out you might get something close.

As I said previously these results also include the menus and titles and so are not a true reflection. For that you would need a document that was text only.

I must acknowledge the way that I found out about this website, I am going to do that with links, just follow the same path I did and see where it takes you. I am doing it that way because it is a real example of how an on-line community works. Don’t worry I won’t be offended if you don’t end up in the same place.

  1. WordPress Bloggers Group FAQ (on FAQQLY’s)
  2. Isulong SEOPH
  3. Jucy Studio’s Readability Test

Top 10 Search Terms, this is Weird!

It never ceases to amaze me the the ways in which people end up on my blog. Yesterday amazed me the most.

I am not sure how Google search terms match up to where it sends people but could someone tell me just how this search string got them here:

“fatal crash scenes + humans”

In fact here are the Top Ten searches that got people to Rooster’s Rail in the Last 7 Days (no particular order; some are near the top due to the “weirdness factor”!):

  1. Fatal crash scenes + humans [just plain strange, weirdest yet, sicko no doubt…]
  2. Trillian 4 [one of the top searches that get people here, I am quick with the new Trillian Astra News!]
  3. Make your own logo [I did this post on Mikons and seems it is something people want to be able to do or need]
  4. Different types of roosters [beats me… must be the “Roosters” in the title, I have never talked about roosters though, promise… never]
  5. David Gray – let it be me mp3 [David Gray is also a music artist, he gives me the shits, I am sure he is a nice guy but the main reason that there are 60 million results for the name… I have no intention of going through them all.]
  6. Create nasty signature [this is another strange one…???]
  7. Bit rate for podcast [I have blogged a fair bit about bit rates and podcasting so this is here because it makes sense and I glad that it might help others]
  8. Strange PICTURE of FROGS [I get this all the time from way back when I made a post about strange frog happenings – our house was raided by baby frogs, this is the legacy, also posted a picture on Flickr and here of one of them]
  9. Dry ice hand injury video [I made a post about violent videos, their impact and if we really should use them as entertainment, this is what these search terms are about, it has been one of my most read stories]
  10. Duck pc vacuum cleaner [I guess this is a brand? Otherwise people are really bored out there! Again weird]

So there it is the Top 10 search terms, in that order because I decided it; but in my opinion they are either the best or worst reason that people ended up on my Blog.

I am glad you made it however you got here, accept maybe the person looking for crash scenes with dead bodies… that is a little disturbing to say the least.