Solve the Cube!

It was a mad craze when I was a kid and the only way that I could solve the darn thing was to take it apart!

In recent times I have seen the Rubiks Cube making a small comeback to frustrate people everywhere, they even have an official homepage. But we are prepared this time and we have the Internets to help us.

Behold a page I found for when you are done seeing how messed up you can get your cube. It is called notably enough “The solution to the Rubiks Cube or Magic Cube“. Go, learn it and amaze your friends and indeed impress yourself. Also check out the official guide to getting it solved. I have not compared the two solutions, so they may be identical.

I have no idea if it works, it took years of therapy to get over the last attempt at solving it, I am not about to try again.

The solution to the Rubiks Cube