I am Still Looking

I just finished recording The Global Geek Podcast. This was Sebastian’s last show, that is disappointing in itself. But more disappointing is the fact that I am still looking for a co-host to replace him.

I have had some offers from people I know to host one or two shows, for which I am thankful and really appreciate. But I think that to be fair to the show and to me, a permanent co-host would be ideal. I said today on the show that I am not looking for the perfect person. You don’t have to have the voice for it (I don’t!). You might be interested but don’t think you are capable, don’t worry I felt the same way. I have improved over time and now I don’t think I get nervous or anything I just get in and talk. The other thing is that you might be interested in podcasting and want to do something but don’t know how to get started, why not join an established podcast?

Please, contact me if you think in anyway that you might be interested, or if you just want some info about what it involves and what you have to do.

If you are concerned about the commitment of time, realistically I think that about 2 hours (give or take) a week would cover it. We might have to have the odd chat through the week but that’s it. Show notes and resources to your door… well your inbox.

This is a genuine offer and I will consider anyone, I don’t care where you are from what your background is, male or female. Think about it. My contact details are in the sidebar. This is getting to crunch time and I am starting to get worried… So think quick!

Thanks Sebastian for your efforts, support and all the fun that we have had on the show. I greatly appreciated you being a part of the creation of the show and I wish you well in your career and future.


Help! I Need a New Co-Host for The Global Geek Podcast!

My current co-host, Sebastian and I had a discussion this last week gone and after an agonising decision he has decided to leave the podcast. This was not because of any conflict or disagreement rather the fact that Sebastian did not think he had the time to dedicate to it because of his own circumstances and also what he wants to focus his efforts on.

So that leaves me here with two weeks to find a new host! You might be asking is that for me? Well the first thing you have to do is head on over to The Podcast Network and The Global Geek Podcast Homepage and have a listen to the show. If you like it or think that you could make it better or are interested in being a part of it, here is what I want you to do:

  1. Click the Odeo Button , it is the green button. It is not the usual type you would see, it is a custom one unique to The Podcast Network.
  2. Leave an audio message when prompted to do so, preferably with the mic that you would be potentially using for the show.
  3. Send me an email by clicking here. In this email I want you to tell me why you think you would make a good co-host. Or if that is too hard then just tell me a bit about yourself!

This may seem like a silly process but it will tell me a lot about you, your ability and some other stuff that I will let the successful person in on ;).

I need your help! So get to it! This is a great opportunity. Consider this in your decision:

  • You are in on an existing, growing show.
  • You become a part of The Podcast Network, of over 70 Podcasts and 250,000 regular listeners and growing.

I will also inform anyone thinking about this prospect, the show that is a regular weekly podcast that goes for about an hour. But; there are important regular collaborations during the week and especially about two days before when the main body of the podcast is worked out.

If you think you have what it takes then get in touch with me and we can talk. I would also invite anyone that has queries or questions to leave a comment with a valid email address (so I can reply) or contact me via the contact details in the right side bar on this page. I am only too happy to clarify anything here.

Podcasting is a blast; we will have great fun and the result is very satisfying that you have been a part of the growing “citizen media” network that is podcasting and the Internet.

UPDATE: Position filled. Thank you to everyone that expressed an interest.

Global Geek Podcast Delayed This Week

For those of you that are expecting a podcast this week, yes it has been delayed. But don't worry it is coming!

This week there has been a number of factors that have played havok with our recording schedule. Seb has been flat out completing his final assignments for college. My shifts have not been the best for recording time. I worked this last week end, a late early. In addition to that this week end Seb is going away for the week end so we won't be able to record. So we decided to delay this weeks so it would carry us through without there being too much of a break in-between.

So I hope that clears that up. But what I figure is that this is one of the great things about podcasting, no-one is on a schedule other than the ones that we create ourselves. So for the purpose of sanity that's what's going on this week. Stay tuned guys should be something worth listening to soon.

Something else worth mentioning is that the Global Geek Podcast homepage is currently undergoing a rebuild and we are working on that as well. It will not be released until it is ready and polished up. The restrictions that LibSyn place on the format have been challenging to say the least but we will get there in the end. Mainly because we have the "The Codeman" Adam on the case. 

LibSyn Player Removed!

Well the Global Geek Podcast has been going very well. The website is working great, accept for the LibSyn Player; which has been broken for nearly two weeks.

LibSyn PlayerThe player is just a web page application that allows people to "stream" the audio directly from the web page. It is also detachable so you can surf the net and listen to the show. About twelve days ago, after the upload of show number 004 (I think) it broke. It failed to update with the new show and the situation stayed that way. For me the player does not work at all. For others it might play any show that we have published, at random! Not good.

You might think that this is a minor thing, but you would be surprised to learn that this is the way that most people listen to the show. The majority of people appear to not know about aggregators or "podcatchers". So the fact that it is broken is really affecting our statistics, we have seen jumps in other episodes that should not have occurred and a downturn in the numbers for the most recent show. We are fairly sure that it is related to the player not working. Part of trying to combat this was to put the WordPress Podcast Widget on this blog, you can go to the streaming page and listen to the podcast from this and download the podcast with the right click "save as" command. But it was not a total solution. We have also tried to search for a decent player from somewhere else but we are having trouble finding one that us gumby people can put on the page and looks good.

So after all this and three emails to Liberated Syndication I have removed the player from the site, I just hope that people click the "POD" button to listen to the show or download it manually or preferably subscribe to the show using a podcatcher of some description. I recommend Juice as a free option, open source and it works. For a payed version of an integrated podcatcher and RSS reader I recommend FeedDemon.

Still hoping to get the player fixed and reinstated on the website but until LibSyn get back to me my hands are tied. Normally they are good with support but on this they have sucked.

Global Geek Podcast 004 is Out Now: Go Get Some Geek

Well I am very happy with the end result of the published podcast. If you have not listened to it before now then please give it a go.

I was very, very peeved that I initially lost two and a half hours worth of editing work. I am not sure what I did in Audacity but I think in blaming myself I am blaming the right person and "thing". So tonight I sat down and started again, from the beginning. Now I am very pleased to be finished. I had a lot of editing and splicing of tracks to do in this one, which was a challenge but well rewarded in the end product. I am leaning heaps as I go.

The one thing that I was absolutely stoked about was the fact that the audio levels were spot on, I had to do very little stuffing around using the compressor. I did normalize the final edit and amplify it and that's it. Setting our levels is always tricky with the methods that we are employing to record as I might have said before. But the attention to detail has been worth it.

One thing that has irritated me is the fact that when I uploaded the podcast tonight the LibSyn player in the top right of the page did not update! So please if you listen to it using this method please either download it, or click the symbol next to the post with "POD" on it. Alternatively the widget here has been updated so that you can listen to it from here! I have shot off an email to LibSyn and await a response from them. I do know though that over the last couple of days they have been working on their servers so this might be the reason. Also because of this, if you can not connect to the website please try in an hour, as LibSyn believe that this is the only length of down-time to expect.

Other than that, enjoy the show!