The Essence of Life: In One Sentence

It is that time of year when we get all sentimental and think about life and everything thereafter. Do you think you could sum up your life or the essence of who you are and what you have learned in one sentence? Then to have it there forever. Phrazr is a service that invites you to do just that.

“It is our mission to use the Internet in this uncommon way, to keep these sentences for the coming generations and share the values you have created for them, forever.”

Phrazr is a nice looking site, simple all the same. It allows you to read the most recent sentences that have been put up in a scroll like graphic that unfurls when you hover over it. It is well done. They offer the service of having your sentence on the Internet forever. A permanent monument to yourself. You can opt to have your message made private as well.

Personally I think that this is a statement that should be carefully considered, forever is a very long time. What happens if the site fails, the money dries up, server catches fire or blows up or whatever. There is no explanation as to how they will keep it up there for all the world to see under those circumstances.

The service is not free. It will cost you $5 US to have your sentence memorialised  for all time. Payment is via PayPal. But then that is a small price for immortality of sorts. Plus if it helps you wrestle some demon or makes you feel like you have contributed something worthwhile then go ahead. Personally I would rather make a time capsule for my kids.

Phrazr Screenshot