Another Potentially Stupid Statement

I could not pass this up, the guys that are at the wheel of MySpace are really quite full of their success and are trying very, very hard to look stupid. Although this statement from the CEO of MySpace might not be on the scale of his colleague, he runs the risk of being wrong – in a big way.

This from Mashable:

“News Corp. CEO and chairman Rupert Murdoch says that he expects MySpace Video to overtake YouTube in 60 to 70 days. The statements, made at the Communacopia XV conference in New York…”

Now that is a big call. Sure not entirely beyond possibility but a big call all the same. If he is wrong it just makes him look stupid. He should have read CEO Tip Number 1 before sprouting that statement.

The statement was made with reference to a YouTube like service being introduced to MySpace. As I have said before I think that users have made their choice and it will take something really special and big to make a difference. Good luck Mr Murdoch… I hope you don’t end up with egg on your face. Which given my opinion is highly likely.

Mashable has the take on the whole statistics being very confusing and contradictory, so only time will tell in the long run.