Goats Rounded Up!

I posted the other day about an issue I had with some stray goats… Looks like there was some strange happenings in the tag department. But the WordPress guys have come good and fixed the problem. I do not feature in the goat tags on WordPress any more

There has been some interesting and very funny communications with WordPress support the last day or so. I am sure that they won’t mind me publishing this last email I got from them:

We got rid of the goats  🙂
It’ll probably be some other farmyard animal soon, but for now you are a goat free zone  🙂

They have been extremely apologetic and helpful regarding this issue. I am sure it took them some time to get to the end of the goat problem. I had a chuckle when I received the email. I hope they know I can see the funny side. This is another demonstration of why the WordPress community is a great place to be.

Thanks guys I am glad the pesky goats are gone they were starting to gag on the transistors. Weird how this stuff happens, but I guess this is a massive database and anything is possible.

Helipad: Think Notepad but Better

Helipad LogoThis new on-line note taking service looks good. Although “note taking” seems a very bland way to describe a service that looks and feels as good as this does.

Helipad is a note service, however there are few things that make it so much better than the standard Windows notepad. I use notepad a lot, it is great for stripping HTML and a quick way to jot a note. But then you end up with all these .txt files that have really weird file names that you thought made sense at the time. They don’t now. Helipad makes creating, editing and finding those notes very easy and fun.

It has a “widget-like” look to the main page with the Ajax type interface. Obviously you can create a new note or document very easily. However, the one feature that sets this apart from others and especially notepad is the ability to tag your notes. The tags create a “tag cloud” at the top of the page which makes finding related notes easy. Other features include an auto save, live searching, different themes and plug-ins, sharing of documents and changing fonts in preparation for printing. There is a plan for the ability to export documents as a PDF as well as a drop and drop interface.
The site also makes available the API for developers and a separate one to write add-ons for the service. It will be interesting to see what applications can be generated and the “inventions” that people come up with.

So you are nowhere near your PC or laptop and get a surge of inspiration. No problem, whip out the mobile or something like a Treo™ and access Helipad from the mobile friendly web-page. Very cool. If you can access the Internet you can access your documents.
If you don’t like the look of the default theme or others you can also customise the colour and add functionality to it. But I must admit I am a fan of the K.I.S.S ideology; Keep It Simple Stupid. Notepad is simple and that is what makes it good. Helipad does this but does it better.

Mac users keep an eye out for the downloadable version that is coming soon, enables you to work offline.

No word on the site or their blog exactly how they are going to make money from the service. It would be great to see it stick around, it deserves to. All this costs someone something, so I hope that they either have heaps of cash or someone else that has heaps of cash and that they are doing it for the love of it. Great ideas and originality seem to be able to stick around, especially with the API made available. Perhaps some bright spark will come up with some way to implement it into MySpace or something like that.

Good luck to them though as it looks like a good idea and one that has huge potential for lots of applications and uses.

Helipad Homepage Screenshot