Apple Authorize the Term “Podcast”

The Global Geek Podcast LogoAbout two months ago I wrote to Steve Jobs and sent him a cheque for one dollar for the use of the term “podcast”. I did not expect a reply, I got one.

This is a story that I originally carried on The Global Geek Podcast Blog and I do not normally cross post but I thought this was worth a mention. I arrived home yesterday and I found a big yellow DHL envelope waiting for me. I had no idea what it was. Upon opening it I found that I had received a reply from Apple Trademark Department regarding my letter and payment. They were returning the payment and my letter. They also added that:

“Apple does not licence the term “podcast”.”

When this controversy started it was said that Apple stated that they had no objection to the use of the term. However, I think that this is the first time that it has been put in writing. In addition this is not a “rubber stamp” type letter, it is signed in pen by human hand. So it is official then that we can use the term.

I am not sure if this helps Podcast Ready, but I hope it does.

There were a few people out there that thought the original post was a stunt and I did not really send the letter. Well I did, Cam could not believe it when I told him I got a reply from them. Just goes to show that when I say I have done something, I have and will.

Go and check out the full story and the original article. Given the news at the time it was fairly amusing. We are still laughing about it. While you are there check out the latest show for The Global Geek Podcast, it was a blast. Knightwise had way too much coffee, he is still making apologies.

Or you might like to download the show right here.


The Term “Netcast” is Awful

Leo Laporte is using the term “netcast” in his podcast. So much so that he is using it in the intro to his show!

In TWiT Episode 72 Leo even states that the term is:

“…getting some traction”

This is going to be a short post. Not from me mate, I host a podcast, Okay. The term “netcast” is bloody awful and I swear I will never use the term in reference to my podcast.

Drop it Leo, I hate it and I think there are others that agree.

Ugh… please no more traction

Am I on my own here?

UPDATE: I need not worry, I found this on Wikipedia:

“It should also be noted that Netcast is a trademark of Netcast AG, a research firm of Switzerland.”

So basically the term has no future what so ever. Leo is suggesting a term that is already trademarked and could end up getting sued himself!