The Podcast Network v3.0

TPN V3.0 LogoThis is great news, although it did happen a few days ago now. But when it did we were in full swing getting the podcast ready and that means I have little time to blog anything. The Podcast Network announced the launch of  a brand new version of the homepage.

Complete with Ajax goodness and a completely different look. If you know nothing about podcasts there are links at the top to get you up to speed and listening to some great content. TPN is a the place to look for good regular podcasts. The right hand side menu gives you all the podcasts on The Podcast Network, separated into categories.

If you have not visited The Podcast Network before and want to know what it is all about, now is as good a time as ever. Nice work Cam and the development team. Next the show blogs! (That was a hint).

The Global Geek Podcast belongs to The Podcast Network. Hosted by Knightwise and myself weekly. Here is our latest show if you enjoy it, head over to our blog on TPN and subscribe. In addition to that I also post regularly there as well as here.

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Want to Know How to Podcast?

GGP Album Art SmallThe latest Global Geek went up today. Knightwise and myself put a lot of hard work into this one. It is the first special edition for the show. We were asked to do a show about how we put the show together. So we did.

This episode is a real behind the scenes look at the podcast. We cover all the on-line and off line applications that we use. The technology behind podcasting. Audio editing and hardware also get a look in. For a budding podcaster it is a valuable insight into podcasting and what it takes. Although I will bracket that with the fact that our show has been going a while now and we have upgraded most software and hardware from the “basics” to more advanced and powerful. So this is not a basic show in terms of what would be the minimum requirements.

Technically the show is a valuable resource for anyone including us. But it was created for many other reasons. We want to connect with our listeners. We genuinely appreciate them and the effort they make to listen to the show. We love hearing from them. Hopefully they will connect with us and feel that they are as much a part of the show and the community as we are.

Added to the complexities of the podcast is the fact that my co-host is literally a world away in Belgium. So we cover just what we do and how to overcome difficulties that arise due to the distance. Not to mention the time space continuum. But as you will hear it feels like Knightwise is next door.

There are some great sound clips included in the podcast. There is a snippet from the very first Global Geek. Wow what a difference in sound quality! It felt great to know that the show had developed and matured as much as it has. You also get a ear in on our pre-production meeting for the show and our sound check. Plus we have pictures on Flickr that we are going to add to through the week and we also made available our unedited show notes for the episode.

One of the coolest things we did for the show was to include a special surprise for the end. I am not going to give it away, just to say that it is a real laugh. I did not even tell Knightwise the secret, he found out just like you can. He had this to say about the show:

“I have tears streaming down my  face as a drive to work!!!!!! Tears with laughter!
You F*%kwitt must have spent all day editing that last bit together!!! It is bloody brilliant!!!!
The rest of the show is awesome! Fantastic job Dave, I absolutely love this podcast!!!
I can see our listeners bubbling with laughter at the end!”

We are our harshest critics. Seriously.

Most of all I think that Knightwise and I have realized that through this journey of podcasting together that we are more friends than co-hosts. I value his friendship over the podcast. I am truly grateful of his friendship and that he joined the show.

Knightwise is a true friend, you don’t get many of them in life. Life is fickle, fleeting and crap at playing fair. Friends tip the balance.

So waste no time have a listen. Head over to the Global Geek Podcast Blog for the Show Notes and subscription details. The music that was used on the show is also available for free download from the Show Notes on the blog. DRM free and legal.

But you can also listen here, please vist the blog and be a part of the show with us!

The Global Geek Podcast Finally has a Promo

Well I finally got this monkey off my back and finished the promo for the Podcast. It was a bit of an effort but I got it done.

The biggest problem was the backing track. I made several attempts at doing one myself and failed, miserably! I just don’t have what it takes even with all the fancy software and loops and resources. That really points to the talent of music artists and mixing genius’s.

One of those genius’s is Dave London. We have featured Dave’s music in the show a number of times thanks to ioda PROMONET. Great stuff. So that got me thinking… We obtained permission from Yes Mate Recordings to use one of Dave’s tracks in the promo! Tops. Now we have a great sounding sound track to back my not so great radio voice and a great promo I can be proud of. But the music makes it sound heaps better! I did not want to do a hack job. Your promo is a reflection on you and your work.

Check out Yes Mate Recordings for more of Dave’s Music and appearance dates. Many thanks to Yes Mate Recordings for their willingness to be a part of the podcast.

Please feel free to download the promo for use in your podcast or if you just want to hear the results just press play.

UPDATE: We are now able to use the Audio Player WordPress Plugin and so I have embeded the player for you to hear it directly from this page.

Great Show This Week

The Global Geek PodcastI do not usually pimp the podcast here. But this week I have to. Plus I usually say stuff here that doesn’t get said anywhere else! Knightwise and myself had such a great time recording the show this week, although not without the problems.

The show just flowed this week, we worked well together and complimented each others style and pace. I followed him when he lead and vice versa. One point in particular I sensed that he wanted to pick up the pace a bit. I think he lead a story with: “Quick overview here…” or something like that. We just did the next 3 or 4 stories concise, quick and too the point. Like it was planned. Was really very, very good synergy. I loved it.

One funny point is that it is summer here and the whole podcast is serenaded by crickets calling in the backyard, which is about 12 feet away. We have no screens and the doors are French styled and always open. So we podcasted with crickets. It was cool and I don’t think it took away from the show. They will no doubt be with us each week until the summer draws to a close. Oh well, I think that is part of the appeal of podcasting.

We tried a new system this week of recording. Knightwise recorded the show this week. I usually do it but the recording software let us down last week so we had to get something more reliable. So Knightwise recorded it and we planned to upload the whole lot as a high quality .mp3. It did not work. We blamed the FTP server because it could not possible be Knightwise.  We also rang them and gave them a hard time! It was Knightwise! He was using Cyberduck for Mac. We are not sure what the go is but it has something to do with how the client is talking to the host. The file is bloody big at 101MB. Anyone have any ideas on that? One friend of the podcast managed to upload the file with Cyberduck without issues. In addition Knightwise was able to upload the file to another FTP server without issues. It has to be some setting on Knightwise’s client. We do not yet know what one.

I eventually got the file and all is good. If you are interested in the podcast then take a listen. Feel free to drop a comment on the blog or send us an email.

You can go to The Global Geek Podcast Blog or


Apple Authorize the Term “Podcast”

The Global Geek Podcast LogoAbout two months ago I wrote to Steve Jobs and sent him a cheque for one dollar for the use of the term “podcast”. I did not expect a reply, I got one.

This is a story that I originally carried on The Global Geek Podcast Blog and I do not normally cross post but I thought this was worth a mention. I arrived home yesterday and I found a big yellow DHL envelope waiting for me. I had no idea what it was. Upon opening it I found that I had received a reply from Apple Trademark Department regarding my letter and payment. They were returning the payment and my letter. They also added that:

“Apple does not licence the term “podcast”.”

When this controversy started it was said that Apple stated that they had no objection to the use of the term. However, I think that this is the first time that it has been put in writing. In addition this is not a “rubber stamp” type letter, it is signed in pen by human hand. So it is official then that we can use the term.

I am not sure if this helps Podcast Ready, but I hope it does.

There were a few people out there that thought the original post was a stunt and I did not really send the letter. Well I did, Cam could not believe it when I told him I got a reply from them. Just goes to show that when I say I have done something, I have and will.

Go and check out the full story and the original article. Given the news at the time it was fairly amusing. We are still laughing about it. While you are there check out the latest show for The Global Geek Podcast, it was a blast. Knightwise had way too much coffee, he is still making apologies.

Or you might like to download the show right here.