More Clouds

I told you there was something about clouds. Found a page full of cloud pictures. Big ones, small ones, weird ones, black ones, white ones and a lot of round ones. All worth a look. There is also some interesting information on various images.

OK enough with the clouds already.

Awesome Clouds

What is it about weather that interests humans? I like the next bloke loves a good weather pattern to watch. We always remember the biggest storm or the closest lightning strike. As long as we were not the earth for it. So when I found these cloud pictures that look like Armageddon was about to start it got my attention.

The cloud type is called Mammatus. Mammatus clouds often develop on the underside of thunderstorms and are visible after the storm has passed. Personally I think they resemble the internal lining of your stomach. Yes I can vouch for that. But as clouds it is an amazing site and one that I hope I can one day witness.

Check out this set of totally awesome Mammatus Clouds, they speak for themselves. The 3rd shot down is my pick Check out more detailed information about this cloud type on Wikipedia.

Mammatus Cloud Pictures Site Screenshot


Strange Frog Happenings

Frog InvaderOur house has been invaded by frogs! The last two nights we have been inundated by baby green tree frogs, they are everywhere. Every hour or so I have to walk around the house, collect the frog and put them outside again. They mainly end up in the kitchen, as this is where the light is on.

This year we have had a fair amount of rain and I think the frogs are loving it and each other. They have bred like rabbits and now the babies have hatched the place is lousy with them. The reason that they are getting in the house is that we have an open house with no fly-screens so they just hop in through the windows and doors. I pick up about four to five each time. I don’t want them locked inside as they will certainly “croak” (eww bad pun). We are happy that they are back as the last couple of years they have not been around in great numbers in the last two years that have been quite dry in comparison.

It had to happen, but I was going to insert a picture into this post but right as I was going to take the picture the camera battery went flat. I will have to put it in later.

Well later has happened and I have charged the camera and I have taken a picture of one of the many frogs. To give you an idea of scale the frog is sitting on my middle finger. We think that they are white – lipped green tree frogs. I am stoked with the photo – click on it to look at the full sized image.