Omnidrive to Launch in a Few Hours

Omnidrive LogoJust noticed that the Australian Company Omnidrive is about to move out of private beta and go live. The service has attracted a lot of attention over the last couple of months and being an Aussie myself I am proud to give it a mention here.

Omnidrive is an on-line storage solution that offers a free 1Gig account with more storage available for a fee. 10Gig will cost you 40 bucks a year, not bad. Larger storage is available on application for what is described as a reasonable price. The latest on the company blog says:

“… give us a bit more time and we should have the sign up link there for you in a few hours, we will keep you posted on the blog here.”

Nothing so far, but the word is that at 0001hrs PST the site will go live.

The service offers a web interface as you would expect and also a client that will be available as a drive on your system. Correct, right along side “My Computer” (cool eh.). This sounds exciting. Seamless integration with your operating system. There is a client for Mac as well. The uploading and downloading of files works in the background and you can control the bandwidth so that your system resources are free to do what you need to do effectively.

All your data that is stored on Omnidrive is encrypted and safe. However, there is the ability to share your stored content in the space of two clicks of the mouse with anyone you choose.

There has been a lot of buzz recently about on-line storage solutions with the launch of services such as MediaFire,, and Badongo. Omnidrive is the latest in a series of products that offer a similar service. There are a few things that set Omnidrive apart. However, this space looks like one that is going to be very hot over the next twelve months as the best of them float to the top. Expect to see some very competitive pricing and expanding services and feature sets. Competition is what will make the best of these services attractive and effective solutions. Watch this space.

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch describes the service as:

“a product that I and millions of others really need… as good or better than anything else I’ve seen out of silicon valley recently. It has been in development for 12 months.”

High praise and I look forward to giving the service a spin myself. Perhaps you are looking for a superior online storage solution and might want to try it, looks like you could do a lot worse than Omnidrive. Plus the logo is cool.

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4 Responses to “Omnidrive to Launch in a Few Hours”

  1. scientaestubique Says:

    Daaave! It’s Michael Arrington, not Arlington!

  2. The Rooster Says:

    You could have told me in November! Fixed though… I am getting really bad… Maybe I should employ you as my proof reader.

    I am not sure if I should blame my typing or my spelling, which is crap by the way… really bad. Typing not much better.

    Thanks again…

    Oh and just one more thing why is this post getting attention over the last 2 days? I have looked and I can’t see any news about the service. Ideas??

  3. Nik Cubrilovic Says:

    Hi guys, I am the CEO of Omnidrive. Not sure why this post has been getting attention, but I found it in our referrer logs. We did launch in November, but we didn’t really announce it – we wanted to ramp up the userbase steadily. Expect some big announcements at the end of this week and next week!


  4. scientaestubique Says:

    I found it because I’ve been adding all my favourite podcasts to Netvibes, I’ve been missing too many posts in between podcasts. Check your referrer logs.

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