New Start-up: PiisTakr Beta

I would invite all readers to have a look at a new “start-up” right here on WordPress, PiisTakr beta.

I just discovered PiisTakr while I was “blog surfing”, which is just as the name implies. Before anyone asks, no I am not the author. But whoever that is, hats off, the first post is as absolutely bloody funny as anything I have read. Although, it is a slightly different take on the Novell, Microsoft Linux story than what I had previously read.

The about page says:

“Welcome to PiisTakr-beta your anonymous eye to the world of the stupidity that surrounds technology.

We poke a bit of fun at everyone and everything.

So if we’ve written something about you, then be happy – it means you’re famous!”

We don’t see enough of these types of blogs, it seems everyone else takes life very seriously. It would seem seriousness for this blogger or bloggers is far from their thoughts as they “poke fun”. The first post targets Microsoft, Novell and Linux and I can not wait to see who is next on the block. This blog is definitely in my subscription list. Perhaps this is the start of the next Dead2.0?

As far as who this person or persons are, who knows it gives nothing away. But then who cares, top stuff and extremely funny.

PiisTakr Beta Screenshot

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One Response to “New Start-up: PiisTakr Beta”

  1. Adam Fakes Says:

    Oh dear, I guess you have to be up with the latest goings on

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