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If you are like a lot of other users of Skype you may have noticed some strange happenings with your notifications. For the last month or so I have had no notifications when a contact comes on-line. I put it down to a glitch in Skype. But there is more to it than that. Don’t be alarmed though if you are one of the many affected, they know of the problem.

I have all my alerts on, although I don’t get any for contacts coming on-line. For that reason I miss people and that is really starting to drive me nuts. So about a week ago I tried to reinstall Skype. No luck. So I started digging in the notifications. I tried turning them all off, saved it. Then switched them all back on again. Nope. I also tried various combinations of logging on then off in between changing settings. Absolutely no go.

In my explorations I also noticed that some of the sounds had been switched off as well. I had not made these adjustments so it looks like this might be related to the bigger problem as the sounds directly correspond to the loss of features.

These sort of problems pop up every now and then in Skype. I had an issue with my Web Cam not being available during a call. It resolved itself using one of the above measures. The other thing that can happen is that it is fixed in an upgrade of the software or just spontaneously resolves. Who knows why or how. This issue has however been persistent. So I took further measures.

Usually when you “Report a Problem” to Skype you either get nothing back or you get the standard support response: make sure you are using the latest version, ensure that you your drivers are up to date and that your operating system is updated. Very useful. This time I said that all of the above was in place, I am glad I did.

It turns out that this issue is a known problem and that the Skype team is working on the problem and that it should be fixed in a coming build. They recommended that I keep an eye on the download page and apologised. I thought that was nice of them. Keeping an eye on the download page is a good tip. As regular users of Skype may know updates have been built into the latest versions of Skype. But they are slow to remind users that there is a new version. Perhaps the two problems are related given the advice? One other thing I did not do and should have is check the forums and this has come up, although it took some digging to find it.

Since I have had this problem for a while and that I know I am not the only users affected I thought it valuable to pass on. While it still bugs me a lot, not having a program that works properly; I am glad that they are working on it. Patience I guess. It is also great that I got a response that is useful and informative.


6 Responses to “Skype Notifications”

  1. Matt Foxtrot Says:

    Maybe it’s just me – but it seems a lot of the “new generation” companies are a lot better at support than the big empires. Just a barely-related side comment. 🙂

  2. dro Says:

    well, just got working with skype, notifications are fine 😉
    boy, there must be a lot of happy users out there right now!
    enjoy 😉

  3. The Rooster Says:

    Yup had the latest version since it was released and everything is now working. Very cool

  4. Dr gene Says:

    skype is ripping me off. I just paid for a year subscription and a week later they say 00 in my account. Bull shit. How do get in touch with any one.

  5. Patricia Says:

    Well, I have no idea what version of skype I have, but I am interested in staying with this version because it has always worked very well for me. However, I am no longer receiving notification when my contacts are online. This is extremely annoying, and I am pleased to hear they are working on this. However, I hope that it can be returned to normal without me having to update to a new version.
    Happy with the old version; but want my notifications back.

  6. Malte Says:

    Am I the only one losing notifications that I have received on my iPhone? When I log in on my PC, I can’t find them anywhere. Like contact requests, and messages.. Anyone?

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